The King of the Gods in the house of Spirituality: Jupiter in Pisces


As a native of the sign Sagittarius my assessment of what Jupiter is all about is long overdue. Perhaps I just needed the benefit of hindsight-because as a teenager you rarely comprehend all the meanings of Jupiter- his enormity lies in front of you, not behind you. You need life to happen for Jupiterian themes to become clear and for you to find your inner Z- spot (Zeus). Jupiter is on the move into Pisces, May 14th so it’s time to take the measure of him. But we may have a flavour of how Jupiter shows up when a benevolent aunt or uncle smiled upon you one day and gave you a gift you and it felt like being touched by a kind of grace. Jupiter is lodged even in the story of father Christmas bringer of good cheer. Jupiter comes as a lucky break, or a sudden gain or windfall. The fairy godmother in Cinderella has this tinge of Jupiter in her wand by granting wishes. But as most fairy tales warn, be careful what you wish for. It can be bigger than you can handle as people with Sun conjunct Jupiter will know. Jupiter like a helium balloon has a tendency to magnify all it touches for good or ill and then just float on to the next horizon.

‘Jupiter and Thetis; by Ingres (1811)

Jupiter is the wish-fulfillment junkie – he holds on to hope for something better just around the corner. This may seem unrealistic and impractical but it is a strategy that does not need immediate results. This can be your Jupiterian superpower if you align with it well enough. It can cut through an enormous barrage of slings, arrows and setbacks. Obstacles are not a problem for Jupiter. He has the power to shapeshift – which is very handy for getting his way which meant that he could only be restrained by appeals to reason or a trade off deal.  So without this magic ingredient of optimism the world is perversely made not just dull, but almost unbearable head banging in the mode of Saturn.

Jupiter has a list of other attributes as long as a roll-call of foreign dignitaries arriving at an embassy. But ‘delayed gratification’ was not one of them. A variant of the word Jupiter is Jove so when people said ‘by Jove’ they were swearing by Jupiter. Romans hated the idea of kings so they rebranded them as a priest of Jupiter called a ‘flammen.’ JupiterI am using ‘king’ as Jupiter is kingly, but he behaves different in different houses. Kings are not always welcome in every house. When holding a thunderbolt he is linked to Thor in Norse mythology.

As Zeus, he was the philanderer of the gods. None whom he fancied could defend against his advances as he would come by stealth as a swan for Leda, a bull for Europa, a cloud for Io, or an eagle for Ganymede, a golden rain for Danae, or blind them with his radiant godhead for Semele – always to the annoyance and jealous outbursts of his consort Hera/Juno. But bear in mind that Hera was his sister, not just his wife. Jupiter represents this over-the-top type, pushy and relying on charisma, luck and risk-taking gambles. He is about potentials, unlike Saturn who sticks to reality like glue, and these potentials may not have happened yet, or may never happen, but they open up the possibilities in the mind to make it nimble and ready or anything. When that happens our vision expands exponentially. But it’s good to remember he was incredibly fertile for a male god- Pallas Athene was born from his head and Dionysus from his thigh. These hopes and dreams Jupiter has appear less enticing when the goals are actually reached and offer a purer, motivational energy when they are held just out of reach.

Abraham Maslow (born April 1, 1908) talked about this in his model of the Hierarchy of Needs– when each level is satisfied in the pyramid, we aspire to the next level. So the energy of desiring and aspiring is the driver of joy we experience in life not necessarily the attainment itself. If hope is not worn down from repetition, understanding this adage helps access this Jupiterian insight: that the journey is the goal, not the destination. Maslow also studied the phenomena of ‘peak moments’ and epiphanies in psychologically healthy humans. These were a sudden influx of the numinous giving you a birds-eye view that fully illumines the rest of your life which I associate with Jupiter. Maslow’s Jupiter was in Leo, a beautiful placement for Jupiter as he matches the Sun very well.  

Jupiter Amon

The largest temple to Jupiter was in Heliopolis, which is Baalbek in modern Lebanon. This links Jupiter to the worship of Baal and Amoun Ra but that is a whole other story of the shadow side of Jupiter o sacrifice and retribution which we don’t like to see. The Greek version Zeus is much easier to deal with as there he is the irascible, a lovable rascal with many flaws. The temple was intended to be colossal as befits the gaseous nature Jupiter. He was larger than life itself- the ‘King’ of the gods – the oversized Pantagruel in Rabelais, the sly humour in Shakespeare’s Falstaff, and the eternal optimist like Mr. Micawber in Dickens. So the temple had to be jumbo-Jupiter-sized.

But, we might ask, is bigger always better; and is too much of a good thing always wonderful?

This shift of Jupiter is huge as Pisces really has two rulers: Neptune and Jupiter, who was the more traditional landlord. So this is two-step dance of giants in the cosmos- both at home. This is very exciting as it all kicks off on May 14th. I can hear the champagne corks popping already. The exuberance may be short lived but nonetheless a welcome change from the relentless imposition of rules and social controls with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. When Jupiter is in Aquarius he does not have breathing room, but in Pisces he may soar to the heights. It is a divine pairing.  

Jupiter Neptune transits
Jupiter Neptune transits

Jupiter also comes in multiple forms like the Hindu polytheistic system, hundreds of minor gods are enfolded in to one much vaster one, Brahman, not even as fractals, but as multiple variants each wanting to experience different aspects of the totality of the self. He is polymorphous and perverse. All this fecundity becomes more difficult to pin down with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces which is formless monster from the deep. Jupiter dips his toe in the ocean and then retreats. So what occurs between May 14th and 29th July will prefigure the longer stay when Jupiter returns to Pisces at the end of 2021, December 29th.

The peak aspect which we may now begin to get an inkling of culminates between April 9th-17th 2022 peaking on the 12th – when Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces at 23-24° . Take note of which house that falls in as the fusion of these two will manifest in as many ways as there are modes of thinking. It will be quantum in the sense that the higher results could be superlative, a restoration of faith in the divine, in what is numinous, but it could also magnify all that you feel is poisonous in the world -the loss of self to pernicious illusions and cults. Your consciousness will determine the outcome.

Neptune's horses
Neptune’s Horses Walter Crane (1892)

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces;  this outer planet even more boundless than Jupiter but where Jupiter is big or Neptune there are no words. Neptune is father Ocean and whether Monolink and Ben Böhmer were actively invoking Neptune as an older god than the sun, I don’t know, but this music hints at already tapping into this Jupiter in Pisces energy where feeling of transcendence and surrender that takes the listener above and beyond.

Neptune is ‘inchoate’ and linked to the redeemer, the martyr complex, according to Liz Greene, associated with primeval water deities Tiammat and Nammu and the self generating great mother. Neptune or Poseidon is associated with riding the waves and the waters. He could drown people as much as he could part the rocks to allow your boat through as he did with Ulysees, so Jupiter in Pisces may lead to excess flooding or gas explosions, at least some thunder and lightning. That’s literal, but possible. Water is emotion too however, so a feeling of overwhelm may also be on the cards.

Nikolai Kalmakov
King Neptune’ by Nikolai Kalmakov (year unknown)

Listing word descriptors does not work with Neptune and the approach should be more non-linear, in quantum leaps, or through dreams, intuitions poetry, music, non-logical thinking and yes, even ‘spooky action at a distance.’  The ‘para’ in paranormal may become more normalised during this time as we become more sensitive to subtle energies all around. There is a yearning, a longing for redemption. While love and romance is mentioned in connection with Pisces, it comes with the projection of a saviour, and delusions which can be like a car-crash or even render us pathologically infantile. The labels on Neptune just roll off. So when we say ‘spiritual’ that covers a multitude of sins as it could be about disintegration of the self and not the opposite drive to wholeness and recovery of self.  

Alexander mQueen

The boundaries are blurred and it’s a gossamer line between artistic genius, addiction, madness and destitution. There was the case of fashion designer Alexander McQueen– born March 17th 1969 with both the Sun and Moon in Pisces. He was as brilliant as he was complex and sensitive. His shows were intense performance art which included themes of deep sea creatures, madness and rape. In 2010, he hanged himself in a wardrobe of all places, symbolic of a hidden areas i.e. the 12th house where Pisces reigns. Jupiter was conjunct Uranus in early Libra opposite to his Sun/Moon/North node in late Pisces- this alone holds huge tension. 

There has been a gap of 165 years since Neptune was in Pisces. The 19th century was marked as Neptunian as it was discovered in 1846. This era heralded a flourishing of the arts and increased sensitivity to psychic senses. Poets Arthur Rimbaud and Oscar Wilde were both born in 1854 and spiritual teacher Rudolph Steiner in 1861.  Verdi switched the tone and sophistication of his operas, and Wagner formulated a concept of the gesamtkustwerk or ‘total’ artwork which led to the creation of the Bayreuth festival. Their full artistic maturity came later but at the midpoint of the century idealism and artistry were in the air as the Communist Manifesto was published in 1848.  The Pre-Raphaelites, called the Victorian ‘avant-garde’  formed also in the same year- they revived a medieval spirit set against the tide of industrialisation. Spiritualism flourished with seances, table tapping and hauntings becoming popular. Among writers neo-Platonic and Buddhist ideas about an ‘oversoul’ had a major influence, especially the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau and the free-flowing poetry of Walt Whitman.

SigmundSigmund Freud (Taurus) was born in 1856,  but he has both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces though 10° apart. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction was March 17th-20th at 18° of Pisces. Still it can show the depth of thinking as he more than anyone (except perhaps Nietzsche, who also had Jupiter in Pisces) altered the way we think at a fundamental level. He hinted at a substrata that was only in our peripheral awareness or bubbled up in the sea of dreams and repressed sexual fantasies. He named it the ‘unconscious’ for what it was – all that is not in our immediate awareness which has the ironic effect of making us aware it is there. He created a topography of the inner self. Freud took on religion and mysticism, almost explaining them away to sound more scientific. But he still had a sneaking admiration for those who could feel this ‘god-love’ experience that he could not share.  He transitioned us into the modern era where psychotherapists became the new shamans and priests, taking the role of Neptune. I still find his distinction between Eros – the pleasure principle (think both Venus and Mars) and Thanatos -the death and destruction wish (think Saturn and Pluto) very insightful. Will this conjunction bring us anyone of his stature, we’ll have to wait and see. But any child born on this conjunction would be indigo or rainbow and a big thinker.

NeptuneNeptune in Pisces roughly also coincided with the discovery of the muse asteroids. These nine dancing singing maidens stand for inspiration in all genres of the arts-the poetic DNA of each artform, including Astrology. They were discovered from 1852 to1865. The same flourishing of the arts has not happened this time around 21st century – or not yet at least The arts have been on hold since lockdowns began but the muses usually find a way to re-emerge.

Perhaps the real ‘artistry’ of this era is the art of deception and the way that institutions behave more like religious cults than the whacky cults do. Theatres in the West End are closed but politics has become the theatre of the absurd – we watch the show aghast- and the term ‘political theatre’ makes us wonder who is pulling the puppet strings.  People have been robbed of their authentic spirituality by the march towards materialism and the devaluation of diversity of local heritage. There are swathes of people who may be vulnerable to becoming a generation of lost souls unless this resurgence of spirituality that this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction fails to turn it around. 

Bosch Hell
Hieronymous Bosch ‘Hell’ (1490)

Consider all the fuss we had around 2012 – that’s when Neptune returned to Pisces on Feb 3rd 2012 for its full stay- some craziness there and many promises unfulfilled with various prophecies. We are 9 years in to this deep sea voyage and someone should be keeping a log book in case we lose our way completely. Neptune stays in Pisces until January 27th 2026. And talk about warping of reality. It has been, and continues to be, a discombobulating mind-melt the epic proportions of which are difficult to pin-point. The sneaky thing about Neptune in Pisces is we barely notice it gradually dissolving our world-it is slow and subtle and does not hit us on the head like Saturn-Pluto. We still do not know for certain in these confusing times our up from down, left from right, truth from lies, right from wrong, or even potentially curative drug-treatments from poisons. The border between life and death may also become blurry. Neptune in Pisces here recalls the work of tribal priests, shamans who traverse liminal spaces as psycho-pomps and intermediaries between worlds. 

There are no handles to get hold of as Neptune in this placement is more than usually formless, ineffable, idealistic, elusive and foggy. It’s the most ginormous warren of rabbit holes we have to navigate. We cannot know fully what has happened as few labels stick and yet if it means we are experiencing a descent into collective madness and susceptibility to delusions, then any hope that we can be redeemed might have to be put on hold. Self-proclaimed redeemers can be disappointing in any case. Neptune finally enters Aries in January 2026 when it may turn all those who are truly awake into real spiritual warriors.  But that’s a long way off.

Henri Bergson

Those with Neptune at 24° Pisces will feel this the most and when I checked philosopher Henri Bergson’s chart he had Neptune in Pisces at 24° 59′ and he tackled themes of going beyond time and of realising the layers and levels of reality and illusion are multiple and intertwined. This quote shows his awareness of this awakening process and a veil that must be penetrated. This awakening comes in with the Uranus square Saturn this year.

Those with Jupiter at zero° in Pisces come in the form of Terence Stamp (Cancer) who acted as a Christ-like transformative figure in Pasolini’s film ‘Theorem.’ Stamp also played the Russian count seeker who led Gurdjieff to the remote Sufi training centre in Peter Brook’s Meetings with Remarkable Men (1969). He famously was close to Krishnamurti and used the phrase ‘the ocean fell in the drop’ as the title of his book, so Jupiter-Neptune themes have played large in his life.

Stamp and anyone with Jupiter at 0-2° Pisces are now having a Jupiter return which may boost their urge to be creative or to contemplate the universe through their navels.  Jupiter will also trine any planet at these same degrees in other Water signs Cancer and Scorpio, and oppose any planets lodged at the first two degrees of Virgo. Jupiter squares the Sun on May 20th which could make bad news even more overblown.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune 

So what can we expect when Jupiter finally conjuncts Neptune next year 2022?

On the positive side, we may all receive a massive upgrade of spiritual energy and an unprecedented depth of higher learning, philosophy and natural law and universal principles, such as the golden rule:  kindness and compassion or at the very least, ‘Do no Harm’. We might also see more allegorical films like Lord of the Rings or about timeline travelling across centuries like Interstellar as Neptune rules the art of film and seduces us with its replication of reality. Jupiter will ensure these stores are on an epic and heroic scale activating the collective zeitgeist.

A good plan might be to seek alterative healing, start a quest for your higher self, research world religions and mysticism, or go on a personal pilgrimage to a sacred site, if not abroad then in the UK, perhaps to Castelrigg, which is less known than Stonehenge, but just as impressive. What’s cool is that both Jupiter and Neptune are at ‘home’ so unhindered in their effects and comfortable being who they are. Together they are a super booster to anyone’s spiritual mojo.

On the negative side this conjunction may ensnare us further into the spider’s web of delusions, spinning even more confusion than we already have. These two planets are both vast and multifarious, and while I’d love to believe that only the very best of these two will spark a transcendent sense of unity, soul bonding on a global level, and thrust you beyond your usual limits, that same bonding may lose any sense or boundaries or proportion and a sacrifice may be needed. Hopefully, this won’t be in transitions beyond this mortal body, or into an NDE- near death experience. But it could be life-changing and every era has its new words and one that blends Jupiter with Neptune is  ‘Hopium’. Hope can be addictive in a bad way but ‘hope’ was the very last spirit to emerge out of Pandora’s box once all the other evil spirits had escaped and done their devilish work, so make of that what you will.

To reserve some caution would be wise and not to overinflate hopes or pump them up as the higher the expectation, the deeper the disappointment;  but in similar vein, the harder the struggle to achieve against the odds, the greater the final triumph. 


Pisces in the Houses

At least look to where Pisces is in your natal chart at as that is where Jupiter is coming to town at the early degrees until the end of June. If it crosses two houses then you may not notice that change during the next two months but much later, from December 2021 to May 2022.  It dips back into Pisces towards the end of 2022 so this story is not over until it has finally moved into Aries for good.  

1: If Jupiter is in the first house, it will affect you physical presence, perhaps even expanding it or changing your appearance to a more flowing, lighter diaphanous look, with more unusual colours and jewellery. It might give you that glow through your skin that comes from deeper, purer meditation. 

2: In the second house Jupiter could have an impact on your values, broadening them to establish greater security with a boost to your finances and ideas of where you want to settle. But it could also mean poor judgement about financial risks overestimating the value of investments.

3: In the 3rd House Jupiter will bring in opportunities to expand your need to study world cultures and languages, to investigate ancient traditions and world views different to your own, or perhaps to teach or promote those subjects. Information, however, can easily reach overload and being solely data driven has its downside. 

4: In the 4th House, it could resolve you to expand your home and to enjoy what you already have and connect to your family more, and be in touch with ancestors even. Or you could renovate your home space adding a religious flavour with icons or crystals that help focus  your consciousness  there and make it that little bit more like a temple sanctuary. Just be aware of escaping the outside world

5: In the 5th house it could provide a massive inspiration to your creative projects perhaps taking on a plan that is larger in scope than you have done before – that great work- bigger than ever or projects that relate to other countries that take you are even as an armchair traveller. Perhaps writing poetry or songs could appeal to you more than usual.

6: In the 6th house it could stimulate your deeper research into in body work, energy medicine, crystals and all types of healing modalities to do with the body health, nutrition and minutiae of routines and how this knowledge interconnects with spirituality and healing in order to offer that as a way of helping others.   

7: In the 7th it could expand the opportunities to meet new partners, or people with whom you can relate on a deeper level, perhaps who are not from your country or who are older and wiser, or act like gurus. Soul mates come in and it may prompt the need to discriminate on whether they genuinely are on your wave length and share your interests in self development through relationships. 

8:  If it is in the 8th, it could plunge you deep into research, study of psychology, or the occult, or lead to intense emotions related to deaths and inheritances, where boundaries are crossed and there is tension between who has the power and who does not. This could leave you tattered and scarred, but with an awareness that the difficult experiences are ultimately the most profound and therapeutic. 

9: With Jupiter in the 9th it is in Sagittarius’ House so it trebles the intensity of your yearning to tap in to the oversoul, to the higher mind, of great learning, religion, philosophy, the law and with a big flood of compassion into all these areas and the acquisition of real wisdom. It could mean travel too -outer or inner-and reflection on the deeper meaning of life.

10: In the 10th it will reach into your public reputation, and the way you organise yourself to become CEO, may have a makeover expanding your public role and of your superego or the realisation you have been clinging on to traditions too much and need to ease off from workaholism, change jobs, retire, or take a break and redefine your adherence to rules and status.

11: In the 11th it will boost your ideals to create new systems of social order, new communities, or charity groups online, and to promote political, legal reform. These could grow at a rapid rate and be difficult to control or be victim of their own systems and rules so the focus should be on the ‘human’ in humanitarian projects and less on allowing systems to suppress the individual.

12: In the 12th it may not seem apparent in your daily life, but it will all be going on internally, in your dreams, and in the seclusion of your interior spaces, your unconscious will be massively activated during sleep, and benevolent entities could be operating like sleeper agents  in the external world but unknown to you, but expect huge recurring and mysterious synchronicities.

Have a great experience whatever it brings – big Jupiterian blessings -and ride the waves.  

© Kieron Devlin, Proteus Astrology, May 12th, 2021.

All rights reserved.

Images in video version

‘Jupiter and Thetis’ by Dominique Ingres (1811)

‘Jupiter and Danae’ by Rembrandt (1636)

‘Leda and the Swan’ by Gericault (1817)

‘Europa and the Bull’ by Titian (1560-62)

‘Jupiter and Semele’ by Gustave Moreau (1894-5)

‘Jupiter and Io’ by Antonio Correggio (c1530)

‘King Neptune’ by Nikolai Kalmakov (unknown)

‘Hell’ by Hieronymous Bosch (c1490)

‘Neptune’s Horses’ by Walter Crane (1892)


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