Why is the Moon Exalted in the Sign of Taurus?

On the evening of the 12th April till the morning of the 15th of April the Moon will glide once again into the sign of Taurus for its monthly stay. She will do that as if stepping into a healing warm bath radiant with salts and aromas and healing salts and we can all sigh with relief and pamper our bodies with added sensory acuity, being tactile with sensations – Taurus is earthy after all. Or we may cook a gourmet dinner and relish every single morsel, or just be lazy and sit around on silk embroidered cushions or lounge outdoors enjoying a ravishing sunset or listening to music with a deeper kind of immersion or we go for adornment putting on your finest clothes just because it feels great to do that.  

Moon in Taiwan
The Moon in Taiwan

Whatever is enhanced make sure it is comfortable- and easy does it as too much Moon in Taurus can lead to the worship of money and wealth for its own sake. People with this placement like to be regal and to indulge in luxury, wanting only the finest and to hang out with rich people, but someone ends up paying for that and it may not be them.

But have you ever wondered why moon in Taurus is supposed to be the ‘best’ place where the moon is said to be  ‘exalted’? If the ruler of Taurus is Venus, then famously the Moon and Venus, the two main feminine archetypes, do not get on at all. It is never that simple. They are just different expressions of that archetype, the mother and the rival daughter dynamic. The responsible, dutiful carer has an issue with the flirty young beauty who is capricious and carefree, even capable of evil machinations. Venus is a challenge to the reflective energy of the Moon.

If Venus is in the sign of Cancer for example it’s a different matter than the Moon in Taurus. No big fanfare exaltation here. It may even be a struggle when these rulers of Taurus and Cancer are in each other’s houses. Venus in Cancer is not considered as good as the Moon in Taurus, so why is that? The fact is -it depends.  The picture usually needs to be nuanced. The mother and daughter might be the best of friends in Taurus where the love flows both ways, but with Venus in Cancer, the daughter can be a rival for the favour of the menfolk in the family- there can be only one power-swinging matriarch. But Venus certainly seems more okay about hosting the Moon than the Moon is hosting Venus where she may become overly sensitive.

This cross generation fight is really a thing. The mother is loving but also ‘terrible’. There is Kali in the background of the sweetness and kisses. A simple way to see the difference is to think of it like a tussle between what we want (Venus) and what we need (the Moon). You can’t always get what you want and you might be peeved about that, but can you be happy just getting what you need. Wants and needs are neither good or bad in themselves:  wants can be reasonable and not lead us to excessive desire; and needs can turn into neediness, the manipulative and not just be basic.  Both Venus and the Moon have dark sides. We may need to face up to this tension and decide whether our needs are reasonable and achievable and whether our wants and likes are realistic.

So the Moon arrives in Taurus every month and these few days are a good time to enjoy some quality for whatever your body needs. Venus also actually moves into Taurus on the 14th of April adding to the indulgence, and we have for one day both the Moon and Venus in Taurus.  The Moon moves on but Venus stays until May 8th. This is welcome as nice times are badly needed now considering all the uncertainty. The Sun and Mercury join them in Taurus on the 19th heralding the full blown Taurus season and a return to steadiness, simplicity and being firmly grounded, making sure you have the money to keep your life on the level. 


So the Moon in Taurus can be questioned, yet there is a poetic justice to this Taurus moon that I have always found to be a cosy little placement. It cannot be easily explained with logic but it just ‘feels’ right. It is the  ballast of Taurus that steadies the moon. It is the static pose of the cow and bull- standing their ground in the field. It can become more volatile in other signs. Perhaps that’s why it makes sense? The Moon in Taurus is imperturbable and serene, very slow to react. They can be total sweethearts, just don’t push them where they don’t want to go. Taurus is a fixed sign. They love the habitual over the new and do not deviate much. So let’s not try to provoke the Moon in Taurus as when it gets angry, it will be as ugly as you can imagine. There is a dark side to the moon which we never see and this goes for all signs. We forget that the moon is mysterious. It only shows one side of its face to us and we may think we see all of it but not so. The good qualities if overinflated can flip to the opposite extreme.  

The Worship of Cow Goddess Hathoor 

Hathor as Totem by Ravenari at Deviant Art

This image of the cow is revealing. The cow as a sacred archetype goes back to Egypt and the worship of Hathoor the cow goddess. Hathoor originally symbolized the Milky Way which is characterized as the udder of the universe. The cow is a sacred animal rooted in Hinduism, Jainism and even Zoroastrianism. They are gentle, placid, ever-giving and yet still strong and even beautiful. But since Hathoor was known as the protector of Ra so she is associated with the Sun too and the origin is from the star system Canis Major. The Ra symbol appears between the horns on her head and the horns are turned outwards. She is the equivalent of the Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus.

One of the central places this complex deity was worshipped was the temple of Dendera near Luxor, but also at Giza and Thebes. She was the offspring of Horus the elder and known by various titles: the Lady of the Sycamore, the Mistress of Maidens, the Mother of Creation, the Lady of Son, the Driving Force of Creation, the Golden One, the Mother of all Pharaohs and the Lady of Turquoise.  

Selene and Endymion
Diana (Selene) and Endymion by Jérôme-Martin Langlois  (1822)

The Moon is revered in various forms in several cultures. There’s Aligwak in Inuit culture, Ceridwen in Celtic culture, Chang’e in Chinese mythology,  and Coyolxauhqui in Aztec culture.  In the Greek pantheon she was one of three suggesting the tripartite valency of the Moon: Artemis-Selene-Hecate, young to old. She’s never just one thing and has multiple manifestations and phases.  Selene, the Roman Diana, is seen as the enriching aspect of the Moon, bestowing light on the  young shepherd Endymion. In art and poetry this is seen as seductive and a rare exception to see the supine male body as beautiful.  Selene had Endymion all to herself by keeping him asleep. Selene’s brother is Helios who carries the chariot of the Sun. Artemis is the younger huntress aspect and Hecate, the older, like the Hindu Kali, is the dark dragon aspect, the crone and witchcraft hinting at the darker more turbulent phases of the Moon.  


The Moon also represents the people, the crowd and crowd psychology.  The Moon is fertile so the Moon in Taurus also represents the planting season. It is time to get into the gardens and parks to see the flowers bloom with your  nose up close and personal. Growing, nurturing plants nourishing the earth are all signs of  gardening  fingers. I was so happy to see the first shoots of a ginger root that I planted on the ingress into Aries March 20th. They have popped up roughly two weeks after planting. And by the time we are in Taurus season, it will be growing stronger.

Lana del Rey
Lana del Rey as Venus

The Moon is good if placed in the fifth house as that gives a fertile spurt to creative projects and children yet in detriment in Leo- another anomaly and contradiction. The Sun in the house of the Moon is lunar and he Moon in the house of the Sun is solar. So you can have a lunar kind of Sun and a solar kind of Moon. If you have the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo like singer Lana del Rey (Jun 21st, 1985), this kind of mutual reception can make for a very strong personality balancing inner tension. She also has Venus in Taurus and was even depicted as Venus. Whatever your gender persuasion, a Moon in Taurus and Venus in cancer reception would also be filtered through this ‘dragon’ dynamic.  

The Moon in all the Signs

We all know about the Sun which is visible in us, but where the moon as it is personal, the one others take time to see as it’s hidden. Best think not good or bad but that the Moon just favours a variety of expressions and we need all of them.

glyphs templepurohit.com

In Gemini the Moon is volatile, swift but it can be fickle, contentious, but loves to bring information to light.

In Cancer it is at home, caring and sensitive, considerate but unable to take a rest from caring so gets locked in to the maternal which can lead to smother mothering.

In Leo the moon is drama conscious, attention-seeking, but heart-centred, warm and sincere.

The Moon in Virgo can be overly meticulous, not so easily satisfied and tries to ‘fix’ things.

The Moon in Libra calm and well balanced, but may take too many sides and no stand of its own, losing its centre.

In Scorpio the Moon is hidden occluded, they will not tell you how they feel, the wall comes down and you have to guess right or else.

The Moon in Sagittarius is boisterous and crusading, and needs a horse to mount to go off on a rollicking adventure, but is still noble.

The Moon in Capricorn is steady and solid, but can be undernourished and lodged in its ways, needing help.

The Moon in Aquarius is calm in a crisis, so good to have around but can be aloof, philosophical and disconnected.

The Moon in Pisces is poetic, attuned to the spiritual realms, yet could be flooded with psychic debris.

In Aries the Moon is fiery, combative, has to fight the Sun which takes precedence there.

And so we come back to Taurus where the Moon settles down into its green pastured land and takes its ease, where it can be warm and  grounding emotions them solidly while they chew grass.

The Moon numerically is linked to Saturn and 3 x 9 = 27 the age at which we have our first Saturn return. So this gives an added affinity if the moon is in Capricorn ruled by Saturn- some regulation of its fluctuation. The Moon is linked to the number 9 and the muses ( but ruled by Apollo) so the Moon is often seen as the Yin to the Yang of the Sun. They are not apart but two sides of the same coin.  

Tyrion Lannister and his Moon in Taurus: Peter Dinklage 

While many speculated on the characters zodiac signs in Game of Thrones and largely they suggest that Tyrion Lannister is very Mercurial so it would have to be either Gemini or Virgo. He is master of words who is forced to survive by his wits alone. But as dwarf in stature he also claims the territory of Chiron. He is an outcast and scapegoat since he is vulnerable to abuse and attack all the time. The character of Tyrion is complex and fully fleshed out. So this is unusual and so non-stereotypical and a gift for any actor.

He is played by Peter Dinklage.  Tyrion is a core character without whom Game of Thrones makes no sense. He exemplifies Mercury ruler of thieves, tricksters and salesmen who also waxes lyrical and philosophical i.e. he is slippery but persuasive at the same time – the consummate politician. At 4 feet 4 inches his size is important as it’s no higher than a child. He had lines to say that are pure Mercury with Mars opposed:  ‘A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.’ His natal sun is in Gemini in the third House of communications so it commands respect there.

But there’s a clear signature of Chiron in there too as Tyrion-Peter D. is the one rejected by his father and his brother Jaime and sister Cersei. They alienate him but also depend on his resilience and his Mercurial eloquence. He dispenses all the wisdom barbs. At one point Tyrion says to Robb Stark why he wants to help the crippled boy Bryn Stark ‘I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things’. So it was the perfect role for him as this is pure Chiron. His Chiron  is 7° of Aries so he’s having his Chiron return. Chiron is back in that spot. Chiron is not just conjunct his Ascendant but close to his North Node too so this fuses together the meaning that his most obvious feature declares.

They say there is a unison of acting roles and the natal chart of actors-who seem destined to play them. The chart for the very first showing of Game of Thrones was 17th April 2011 and his natal Chiron was conjunct Mars in that chart, so the wounded side of him relating to his condition was about to get a powerful booster and become visible. Chiron at 4° was also conjunct Neptune at zero° of Pisces and this squares that very strong natal Mercury in Gemini. Dinklage was able to articulate a sub-text through Tyrion which is about all outcasts, not just small people who are routinely disregarded, but anyone who feels they can never fit in to groups to society and the propound alienation that brings. He gave this a voice. Venus is also in Pisces opposite his natal Jupiter in Virgo, tussling with fortune. That was the beginning of the Neptune in Pisces era. Neptune rules films even though this was TV each episode was as epic as any film.


His Ascendant is 29 of Pisces, the ultimate end of the end days victim. His dwarfism was difficult to deal with as he was the only one in his family with that condition. But the other aspect of Tyrion is his hedonism, drinking and womanising. Here we are closer to the Moon in Taurus: food, sex, wine and women and a love of luxury. He and outdrinks anyone else in Game of Thrones and the goblet of wine has to be knocked from his hand. Moon in Taurus can be stubborn about it. So it’s no surprise to find that he has a stellium of the Moon, Venus and Saturn in Taurus.  Added to that are the asteroids Eros (Sex), Hygeia (cleanliness) and Sedna (regrowth of limbs) in earthy, sensual Taurus too. Dinklage also has a very powerful and mellifluous voice marked by Venus in Taurus: Venus is beauty and Taurus rules the throat. 

So can we say he represents Moon in Taurus people? Yes, he does: in their revelry and love of pleasure – always at the table at parties, or in the bedroom with courtesans, and never budging aside for anyone however powerful. But he also has this Mercury and Chiron intricately woven in to his make up. It could also explain why he is such a popular icon and even a sex symbol.

For someone who said “Don’t search for defining moments, they will never come” he has had a life of defining moments.  In a motivational speech he gave, he talked of never giving up and being patient. He talked of ‘failing again, failing better’ the lines from Samuel Beckett, an Aries who has both Venus and Mars in Taurus. The words are very dour and Chironic- failure can hurt. But to me this speech smacks more of his Sun conjunct asteroid Vesta, the carrier of the sacred flame. They pour their devotion into what they do like wine into a vessel as an offering to the gods in the hope of inspiration.

In all, it might be more accurate to say that the moon is ’embedded’ in Taurus rather than ‘exalted’  as it gets stuck in the mud there, relishing every minute of its paddling around. But like any position of the moon has its up and down sides, but or the most part the taste is juicy and sweet and well worth it. It is one of my favorite placements of the moon for all the reasons mentioned, best enjoyed simply for what it is each time it comes around.

Also see the Video version of this article.

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