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Hymn to the Muse by Layne Redmond (2009) Click to listen

Finding out how asteroid muses point to your creative mojo has never been easier. I have a cluster of them in Scorpio so they have a flavour of depth psychological. The muse asteroids in astrology are the bridges of communication of creative ideas through the ‘breath’ of inspiration. It is largely unstudied territory and early days in what we know about them and their effects. The traditional signatures of artistic talent are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and sometimes Pluto. Saturn is often left out but refers to the aesthetics of construction. In my research, I see that even if there is no major aspect to the Sun, Moon or Venus, the location of the muse asteroids in various houses can also be significant as there is often a cluster of them in one sign and/or house.

While all houses are creative, some are considered extra creative as I outline here. But what the muse asteroids offer is an extra nuance, a further telling detail to the already defined picture of the native in the natal chart. They point to specific types of creative talent, whether latent or already realised. Aspects muse asteriods make to the Sun, and Moon are significant, especially if connected by Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine or Sextile. If the birth time is exact aspects to the angles may also become significant, and also the element of the sign they appear may have some effect. I also look to aspects they have to Venus and Neptune for further clues. I have now studied the charts of dozens of artists, poets, writers, dancers, teachers, historians and performers to see where these patterns emerge in their charts and in their life stories.

Jose Luis Munoz Luque Paintings of the Nine Muses

It is fairly easy to find them in your chart for a more than usually detailed profile of your creative DNA. Listen to their call whenever you can. The mythological muses were the consorts of Apollo and while lunar in essence (9 x 3 =27 a lunar month) they were facets of the creative potency of the Sun. They were nine nice dancing maidens, each with their own excellence in a certain ‘art’ form. But they could also be fiercely competitive and extremely demanding. You didn’t mess with the muses in their cabal on Mount Helicon. If anyone claimed to be better than them, they would simply destroy. They famously blinded the poet Thamyris for his hubris. The stripped the Sirens of their feathers and turned the poor rival maidens, the Pierides into magpies. They are especially significant because the last of them Urania is the muse and therefore mother of all astrologers.

Statue of Urania, Muse of Astrology


Calliope: leader of all the muses, and of Epic Poetry

Clio: the muse of History

Melpomene: the muse of Tragedy

Thalia: the muse of Comedy

Terpsichore: the muse of Dance

Erato: the muse of Love

Euterpe: the muse of Music

Polyhymnia: the muse of the Sacred

Urania: the muse of Astronomy/Astrology

The muse asteroids are a fascinating addition to the increasing awareness of asteroids in astrology. Think of them as nuances, whispers or pointers towards a certain genre of artistic expression. They speak – or sing- through your imagination and link to particular creative urges you might have whether realised or not.

I gave a lecture on the muses and muse asteroids in full at the Astrological Association Annual Conference ‘Serving the Future’ on Sunday 28th, June 2020. The title of the session is ‘Reclaiming the Muses through Asteroid Astrology.’

Did you ever wonder what type of creative work you are best suited for? While doing all this research on the muses, I decided to offer a Muse Asteroid Report based on your chart details. This is quite new and experimental. I will post a sample report on the chart of David Bowie very soon so you can get an idea what such a report might like. You do not have to be a major creative force however- creativity pops up in every area of life and I think under our current circumstances, getting in touch with your inclinations and whisperings towards creative output is ever more important. The Personal Reports will analyse the positions of the muse asteroids in your chart and offer insights into what they might point to, outlining what is already there but also suggesting ways each muse might have something to say to you.

Muse Asteroid Report
Muse Asteroid Report Header


NOTE A Muse Asteroid Report would be up to 20 pages long, in pdf format, containing a brief explanation of each muse asteroid and its aspects and placement in the houses and signs. This will also have a personalised summary of what that might mean for your specific inclination towards creative work in order to offer insights and offers insights into your creative profile. Alternatively, it can be as an additional option to a basic chart reading as a personal discussion via online platform. The Muse Asteroid Report is a great addition to the main reading of your chart. Please note this will not discuss any other asteroids than the muse asteroids. It may also take some time to deliver so please be patient.



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