Finding your Creative Signature in Houses and Signs

Now that we are mostly in enforced quarantine at home due to a whole lot of of March madness, it can bring surprising opportunities. One is the quietness can allow the urban noise to dispel to reveal that nature has been there all along- the birds are still singing and the trees blossoming ready for Spring and the Astrological new year March 20th.

William Blake (1809)

Another blessing is that may be able to have time from your day-job slavery to return to that project you forgot about months ago. Mercury is now back in Pisces which is foggy, but it very clear that neglecting your creative inklings may not be good for overall mental and work-life balance. This forced break from the working routine, with many having to work from home, can open a window into that world where there is an increased sense of urgency about what you might do with your time.

Provided you are healthy, this is great for artists and budding creatives. It could be the very antidote needed against the global panic over a certain family of viruses. How many of us have unpublished novels, a poem or a song that used was thrown in the bottom drawer, but is now probably lost on a folder you have forgotten the name of on an external hard drive. Any paintings or artwork can be picked up once again. Take advantage of this time by refreshing your mind about the creative DNA that lies in your personal chart- which planets and aspects point to your artistic inclination. And are you in touch with your inspiration, namely the muses? Or, are you struggling to hear their distant whispers?

Creative Signatures

First off there is the definition of ‘creative’ to get out of the way. There is an energy around it, a buzz that must come out somehow, and whatever form it takes, full blown art, or modest, or somewhere in between, it brings something into being by your tapping into the imaginal realm to produce an artefact of some kind. If you believe creativity is only for full time artists, you may be overlooking how your imagination is actually creating scenarios in your life all the time, but have you harnessed that and directed it? Don’t dismiss that modest hobby you have as not being professional enough as the point of it is that it channels your creative impulse into constructive activity so – cooking, DIY, water colour sketches, doodles on notebooks, montages, party organising, decor, keeping a diary – all of it is good.

There are many signs of creative urges in the natal chart. Venus is prominent as queen of the Visual arts in Taurus and arbiter of taste and interior decor in Libra. Mercury is often thought of as the ‘writers’ friend’ with good reason. It gives dexterity and skill to juggling with words or doing hand crafts. Yet combine Venus with Mercury in a conjunction and the talent enhances that eloquence, that beautiful way with words. T.S.Eliot wrote complex poetry but was one of the best loved poets during WW2. He had a Venus-Mercury conjunction on his Ascendant. Maya Angelou also had this conjunction and pleased the world with her heartfelt words. Leonard Cohen had two artistic heavyweights Venus and Neptune conjunct in the 12th house and so he was inspired and inspiring to many.  He appeared to be stimulated by seclusion on Hydra, a Greek island with no cars, and as a monk. But also his Sun was conjunct muse asteroid Erato and he wrote love poetry inspired by the women in his life. out of deep seclusion.

Another radiant signature of creativity is the Sun as this is the life force itself, the light you beam into your simple hobbies and creative pursuits. Where the Sun is can tell you a lot about what you could create. In Leo the sun is strong, and often front of the stage, playing out scenes in the repertoire and getting people’s attention. The Sun manifests through all the signs as the carrier of purpose. Also, the Moon which gives intuitive promptings and the primary energy to imbue artwork with a nurtured feeling as if cultivated in the allotment. Then there is Neptune which is the ocean of the imagination, the depths which can drown you, but also carry you on its mysterious tides on to a shore that is productive of artwork.

Combinations and aspects of the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, Venus and Neptune are prominent in the charts of artists. Often overlooked is Saturn which gives constructive skill, and a sterner edge to what is created. Pluto too lends visceral and transformative power to any work, making something small into something big and vice versa. The ground is deep. An additional layer are the muse asteroids which can indicate which genre your creative energy takes, whether it is love-inspired (Erato) , or inclined to historical topics (Klio), or about the body (Terpsichore), or scientific and astrological ( Urania).

The Creative Houses

It is often said that the planets are the actors and their field of activity are the houses. So the houses are the stages on which the actors – the planets- play out the script. Therefore the signs are the interpretation, the manner in which the energy is revealed in life. So which houses are the most creative? The problem lies in the question, how it is framed. If you say the ‘most’ you may miss the less visible types of creativity that are also vying for attention. They too need to be acknowledged. and needing to be acknowledged. There are houses that stand out as obvious candidates: the 2nd ruled by Venus, the 3rd ruled by Mercury, the 5th ruled by the Sun- and these are the stereotypes of ‘artistic’ activity, painters, writers and actors. But there are no un-creative houses. All houses are creative , each in their in their own distinct way. This chart shows how each house has something to offer.

So, for example, in this chart, if the first house is not usually associated with art, but Martial is also an art. The physical body can be trained to a very high level to enact movements of sport and athletics that can also have grace and refinement blended with spiritual force. It can be a lifelong choice. The Fourth House can sometimes be associated with artists, and even writers, but this house governs diarists, archivists, and museum curators- and let’s not forget chefs and restauranteurs – is theirs not also an artistic and aesthetic? This house is of the self, the home (of the soul) and Mexican artist, Frida Khalo rendered an image of herself in almost every painting. She put self portraiture centre stage and has now achieved iconic status. She had Neptune conjunct the Sun in Cancer, so while they were not in 4th house, the overlay of the 4th through Cancer influences the 11th house. Her image is now branded and marketed across the world via the internet.

”Fulang Chang and I’ by Frida Khalo (1937)

So too with the 8th house ruled by Pluto, there is an art to counselling and psychotherapy. The ninth inclines whichever planet is there towards the art of religion, the sacred, theology and philosophical musings perhaps in written form or in speech making. The tenth house, ruled by Saturn, may not be a house connected to any art, but a lot of our infrastructure would not exist without engineers who become architects of buildings. The art of designing buildings includes the shaping of negative space and interplay with the surroundings. Then there is the 11th House, ruled by Uranus. This area can be just as creative as the 3rd and the 5th as Uranus is associated with genius, but it could be a technological flavour, manipulating digital art via Adobe Indesign skills. This can point towards blogging and the internet or being a social influencer- and of course astrologers of a creative bent.

The 12th House is regarded as problematic, shifty and hidden, but it can be among the most creative houses of all. But the inclinations of any planets or the sign resideding theremay not be fully understood or incorporated into the mind-body psycho-somatic mix. These energies may be unconsciously played out unless there are more favourable influences, yet it is ruled by Neptune and that is the planet of the boundless imagination from which a sea of ideas rises up. This fresh way of looking at the houses can begin to signal where your creative urges may lie in a more comprehensive way, uncovering potential under every stone.

Hilary Mantel and the Muse of History

If you see an indication through planets and signs this can be enough, but if asteroid muses are added and their placement is significant, then another more highly specific signature can show up. It offers a more nuanced view of the particular art form. For example, Hilary Mantel has just published the third book in her historical trilogy about Thomas Cromwell to a great fanfare of attention not seen since Harry Potter. ‘Wolf Hall’ (2009) won the Booker Prize and was adapted into a successful TV drama. The second book ‘Bring up the Bodies (2012) also won a Booker Prize. This made her the first woman to win the Booker prize twice. So we might think her signature as a writer is with Mercury, and it is true that her Mercury is in Leo in the 11th sextile to Saturn in Libra in the first so she is a good and balanced storyteller and knows her audience. But the books are historical, and her particular skill is in bringing fresh insight to the circumstances of 16th century intrigues.

Very telling is to locate asteroid Klio, the muse of history in her chart. It is placed in the 4th house- where archiving, history and domestic details thrive. Sure enough, her Sun conjunct Uranus and Venus are all in Cancer -the house of self and the nation she belongs to, in the 10th, but this trio directly opposes Kilo residing there in the 4th suggesting that history might be her main driving force-as she declares she never suffers from writer’s block and has too many ideas. When ‘Wolf Hall’ was published in 2009, asteroid Klio had just transited 5 degrees across Mantel’s trio of Uranus/Sun/Venus in Cancer giving its blessing. It doubled the emphasis as Klio is also known as the native’s ‘claim to fame’ as well as being muse of history, and of teachers. Although Mantel had many readers well before ‘Wolf Hall’ arrived- if she will be remembered in years to come for any achievement, it will be these historical novels.

Hilary Mantel by Andrew Testa NYT

There are so many factors involved in finding what is creative that no one planet sign or house would ever give you the full picture. It is jigsaw and the pieces may not obviously blend together. If we don’t feel like doing anything, that is fine too, but there is a belief that every single thought we have is creating something in our world, whether we like it or not. Thoughts tend to percolate on the back burner- there is constant activity waiting to burst through to boiling point.

So if the motivation is there, we can get in touch with these whisperings, check the chart, look for the main signatures- they are usually there in the main players in which signs and which houses they are placed- but also check for any extra overlays which may point to a specific type of artwork you might best channel that drive towards doing, making and producing.

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