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When I talked about transits of Mars in a previous post, I said get ready for a bumpy ride as the sun comes into Aries. That’s right about now, March 20th. So congratulations we have made it to this point. But this global panic, crisis and toilet paper hysteria is just a taster of things to come. This is the astrological new year- the zero degree of Aries. It is a reset of the new cycle of 2020-2021. But it has taken everyone by surprise that this past week would be this turbulent, unsettling, or that trouble would escalate so fast and probe right in to our private fears and concerns. We need more than safety belts, we need full awareness, coordination, resilience and adaptability and for the things that will challenge us. The ride may be about to get rockier. It will magnify, transform and solidify, when Mars transits first Jupiter (Saturday, March 20th), then Pluto (Monday March 23rd), and then by the end of the month, Saturn (Tuesday, March 31st). Yes, it sounds exhausting and we need to get used to being jolted out of our focus. One way to do that is to go within first before marching out. Follow the intuitive hints of what your body needs. Take up your nourishing rituals, or regular practice that includes just slowing down, being still, breathing deeper, reciting mantras, doing yoga, meditation, honoring the body via anything that works for you, and yes, that includes having more healthy sex as the inner urge may be there- with this supercharged Mars leading the way.

Mars conjunct Jupiter

Being grounded is not a bad thing but the build up of energy will need to be channeled effectively. The energy will be like a combustion engines- so keep a steady head and balance as it peaks two or three times including at the new moon in Aries on the 24th. Mars is sometimes trigger happy, combative and unleashing primal energy in the body and in the world. We can see that happening everywhere. But he may also act like the spiritual warrior here, if we are lucky, calling us to our higher selves and in tune with a more meaningful collective purpose, yet not sacrificing the individual needs that now arise now the sun is in Aries full on.

Transits of Mars in March (

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is at 22 degrees 48 at 11.34 am on Saturday March 20th. This could see a sudden expansion of all the tension in the world, an escalation of talk of a pandemic and resulting of governments acting like the military amping up the sirens of emergency. There could be an over confidence in taking risks. You can say this crackdown is needed to protect against the virus, but it has created an irrevocable internal recognition that ‘things fall apart, the centre cannot hold’ as W.B Yeats’ poem ‘The Second Coming’ says, and as in the late imperial phase of any culture. Being forced to be at home in your bubble can restore the Cancer archetype, home-loving and feeling safe, but it can also make people feel like caged tigers where there is not enough space to breathe. Divorce is already on the rise. Social isolation sounds like a recipe for anxiety and lack of community, but it is just self isolation as people are busy linking up to their online tribes. Saturn is at the difficult degree 29 of Capricorn condensing all the lessons that have accumulated from its time in Capricorn.This is the last we will see an easing off of stellium in Capricorn of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars before Mars and Saturn move on in a few days time. Chiron is also conjunct Lillith to add a twist to the unfolding drama.

Key words for Mars and Pluto

The Mars-Pluto conjunction follows just a few days later. It is at 24 degrees of Capricorn on Tuesday, March 23rd. It precedes the new moon in Aries on the following day which will be conjunct Chiron so the lesson may be profound. This is another pot hole in the road and could potentially throw us into a powerful tailspin if we do not see it coming and gear up for the vortex of spring Equinox energy. On this transit, the moon has just passed Neptune in Pisces affecting first house stuff, so we could be feeling physically sensitive and aware of every sniffle or sneeze, and it would be good to sense nervousness and peculiar feelings that reside deep in the body at the cellular level. perhaps holding us frozen and stiff and unable to relax – our psychic armour.

One positive that should not be overlooked is that from the Moon/Neptune is sextile Venus in Taurus which also trines Jupiter in Capricorn – this could bring some direct healing benefits into your life. But when Mars is on Pluto, it combines some of the most powerful explosive energies in the world and could lead to political unrest. It could feel heavy, or you might feel paranoid and fearful of food shortages until it becomes clear what is actually happening behind the scenes and how this crisis may have been up to now, manipulated, and from now continue to be used for nefarious purposes.

Mars Conjunct Sconjunct Saturnaturn

The reason I am keeping my eye on Mars is that at the end of March, Mars takes a third major bump as it hits against Saturn. The energy surges forwards once again, but this could bring a wackier edge as it is in Aquarius not Capricorn- a more electric style of expression. The traditional rulership of Saturn in Aquarius could mean that Saturn may prevail over Mars as it is no longer exalted in Capricorn. Saturn may show restraint in contrast to that previously turbo-charged Mars. We may not rush so much into groups and revolutionary ideologies. We may see backlashes in all the controversies that rage on social media and on the Twittersphere. There may be clever advances in technology and Mars may take on a revolutionary fervour that may be suppressed. There still may be many new things on our plates presented to us at top speed which can be overwhelming and require time for us to absorb. This conjunction peaks on Tuesday, 31st March at 7.30 pm, Greenwich Mean time. Mars and Saturn will be at 0 degrees 34 of Aquarius and will affect how we feel about home and security. Mercury will still be only at the midpoint of Pisces so even here things may still not be clear or comprehensible in that clouded water.

With conjunctions it is more of a ramping up of the intensity and a fusion of the two archetypes rather than any oppositional or difficult energy though it certainly feels polarised and extreme- like the entire machinery of medicine, politics, banking, public life and cherished societal values are undergoing a major overhaul. All in all, these three conjunctions keep us on our toes in March but are just a fraction of what there is to deal with in 2020 with three conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto, the nodes changing signs into Gemini and Sagittarius, and both Venus and Mars going retrograde later this year.


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