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New article posted at Hermes Risen magazine ‘Why We Need Memes’

Gertrude Stein
Gertrude Stein image in Public Domain

“Memes are everywhere across social media and are growing faster than a mushroom colony.  Funny memes especially have reached a pinnacle of use during the last two years in response to the duress people feel as humour relieves pressure.  That memes are proliferating faster than any alleged ‘variant’ should not surprise anyone. We consume them in direct ratio to the amount of time we spend on our hand-held devices. 

The word Meme is from a Greek word mimema meaning ‘imitated’. The word has come to be used for any ‘unit’ in culture – like a cultural gene- that implies it’s a basic building block of meaning that can be copied and disseminated like the similar sounding word ‘gene’ which is how Richard Dawkins coined it but little did he know how the word would become prevalent. Memes operate like the one-eyed person in the kingdom of the blind; they are the bleeps on the EC graph in the wall-to-wall propaganda. ”                Read more at Hermes Risen Magazine


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“Astrology’s roots lie in an ancient world view which perceived the universe as a single living organism, animated by divine order and intelligence.”



“Astrology, like the collective unconscious with which psychology is concerned, consists of symbolic configurations: The “planets” are the gods, symbols of the powers of the unconscious.”