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'Astrologia' Edward Burne-Jones
‘Astrologia’ Edward Burne-Jones (1865)


  • Natal Chart
  • Solar Return Chart
  • Relocation Chart
  • Synastry
  • Asteroid Chart
  • Combinations
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Astrology guides you to understand:

  • life patterns, purpose and life path
  • relationships, business, family and romantic
  • money, and what it means to you
  • career issues and direction
  • personal and spiritual development
  • vision, hopes and wishes
  • choices and decisions
  • plan for the future
  • health and well being, aligning your energies
  • access to greater creativity
  • the best places to travel and live

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Natal Chart Reading

Analysis of your birth chart. Please provide accurate birth data, location and time.


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Here Comes the Sun: How the Zodiac speaks Sun Signs

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“Astrology’s roots lie in an ancient world view which perceived the universe as a single living organism, animated by divine order and intelligence.”


“Astrology, like the collective unconscious with which psychology is concerned, consists of symbolic configurations: The “planets” are the gods, symbols of the powers of the unconscious.”