Proust’s and his Time Capsule of Curiosities

So it is Proust’s solar return on July 10th. Marcel Proust has long fascinated people through his work – a long novel ‘In Search of Lost Time’ . Why read it? Because it exists. It is crammed full of reflections, insights, humour, wisdom, acute social observations, and lots of duchesses with very little to do but chit-chat. This video weaves together many strands from his life, not just with his astrology but with his personal life, loves and hates, his synastry with various lovers, his reflections on time, fate, destiny and on his own death, his personal Daimon, and the films made from his book. So it’s an audio-visual documentary of sorts- and I’m experimenting with this format as it goes way beyond what’s possible in the print medium.


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Eros in the Zodiac; Part 2 Delves into the Discovery Chart of Eros 1898, its orbit, the degree, the Eros and Psyche conjunction 2022,  how to find your Eros placement and how to interpret it. Then it goes on a run through of Eros in all the zodiac signs so be aware not to take it too personally as the viewpoint is archetypal as well as  bit of fun.  Check the time stamps to find your Eros placement. Part 3 on Eros with the Planets to follow shortly. 

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16th Century Woodcuts from Music by Fesliyan Studios by Steve Oxen. 
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 The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction and Aries Ingress Panel Talk on AOAUK

On March 11th I was invited to give a talk on the Neptune-Jupiter cycle and conjunction along with comments by other astrologers on the Aries Ingress. Their focus is on Mundane astrology.



The Story of the Stones: Megalith Tour 2021 (Click to watch) 


Castlerigg Stone Circle

The Story of the Stones 

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It took me ages to produce in the January treacle and retrograde energy but is good enough to last until the next Equinox- the Aries ingress March 20 2022 when a new chart will preside, and then to the next Solstice in summer.

If you feel from this you would like to go to a stone circle, then definitely follow that inner calling. It is worth it.

Megalith Tours by Neil McDonald at

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Long Meg images and video by Debbie Elliot

Article: ‘Lost in the Lakes: The Astrology of Wordsworth and Coleridge’  published on Feb 5th 2022

Information on Energy Lines



Master of Masters:  Enter Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee was a martial arts phenomenon who represents the teacher-student archetype of Sagittarius, the centaur, the hybrid, a powerful combination of physical but also metaphysical native. The man-philosopher. He bridged many cultural gaps. He was double Sag, with the Sun on the Ascendant in Sagittarius and a chart ruled by Jupiter. But he also had very intense Scorpio placements. His message to us at the end of 2021 is to be more like him, ready for anything, not beholden to any particular beliefs, and to never quit, be the small guy that brings down the big guy- the crime lords. See the written version…

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The Cosmic Wrestling Match: Uranus square Saturn




This video gives us a blast of Uranus who is really Prometheus the bringer of fire, and it talks about this square of Uranus with Saturn this year. It covers the archetypal message, the mythology, and how Uranus may be affecting everyone and what to do about it. A great exemplar of Uranus is Patrick McGoohan, and an exemplar of some of the negative side of Saturn is Josef Stalin. These two planets seem evenly pitched in battle but somehow Uranus wins out.


When is a Muse not a Muse?

This is another meditation on a theme which is presented as a visual essay with the written version on my site. It communicates through visual imagery. But I have added a soundscape too to put us in the mood. I’m still learning these skills so if it seems abrupt and the editing is not yet as smooth as I would like – but next one will be more polished. I never know where the topic will lead me when I start, I just follow the hunch wherever it leads. This one started with watching a horror film but veers into mythology, poets and poetry, fairy folk, the language of film, W.B. Yeats’ astrology and muse asteroids and the origins of certain archetypes and asks when is a muse not a muse? I think they are benign but in the film they are malevolent. It’s mainly about how we define what muses actually are.


The Ingress Dance: Venus in Cancer and Mars in Leo

Ingresses can be like changing gears. You can feel the crankshaft shift in whatever area it rests in your chart. Here are a few comments about Venus in Cancer and Mars in Leo, leading to their conjunction in July. This is the ingress dance and Yul Brynner who embodies these two placements Moon in Taurus and Venus in Cancer with Neptune on his Leo Ascendant. And there’s talk of the solstice too. So Happy Solstice. or more information or for the written version of this talk go to Articles.



King of the Gods in the House of Spirituality: Jupiter in Pisces

This video explains the mythology, symbolism and psychological nuances of the archetypes of Jupiter/Zeus and Neptune/Poseidon as this week May 14th 2021 Jupiter moves into Pisces and the champagne corks may be popping but always good to remember that Jupiter acts like a helium balloon and overblows everything it touches. Neptune in Pisces too is wearing away at our sense of reality. There is an examination the character of Jupiter and of Neptune and some of the transits coming leading to the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune next April 2022. It also shows how this might affect you based on the position of Pisces in your natal chart, going through the Houses. I hope it is of interest. I use Western Tropical astrology and can be found at
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Bitchute and Odysee 

Natal Chart Readings via Skype or Zoom.

This is a great opportunity for those who are curious about what a chart reading can do for them and need advice on where to go from here. ​ 

Artists ‘Jupiter and Thetis’ by Dominique Ingres
‘Jupiter and Danae’ by Rembrandt
‘Leda and the Swan’ by Gericault
‘Europa and the Bull’ by Titian
‘Jupiter and Semele’ by Gustave Moreau
‘Jupiter and Io’ by Antonio Correggio
‘King Neptune’ by Nikolai Kalamakov
‘Hell’ by Hieronymous Bosch


Why is the Moon in Taurus Exalted?


The Moon moves into Taurus today (April 2th, 2021) and I want to ask why is the moon in Taurus considered such a great position? This video delves into Venus and the Moon rivalry, mutual receptions, Lana del Rey, Hathoor, Selene, the other transits into Taurus this season; it takes a quick run through what the moon means in every zodiac sign, and then an example Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) as he not only represents Moon in Taurus, but Venus and Eros there too. That’s in addition to being ultra Mercurial and pure Chiron too.

Now also on Bitchute and Odysee



My good friend and astro-buddy, Maame Esi, interviewed me on Bless Radio, March 5th in which we cover all things Piscean.

In this delightful conversation we go down a few rabbit holes, delve into multiple topics, talk about astrology itself, its deeper meaning, who I am and what Proteus means in, all things to do with  the Pisces season, the arts, being creative, and about the chart of Nina Simone, her powerful artistry and music, about Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov all Pisceans and about Alexander Pushkin.  We play some music, do some astro-weather for the rest of March up until March 20th coming up, and talk about lots of archetypes, myths, about Emotional Freedom Technique, Psyche and Soma, Yoga, the ‘as within so without’ and about the battle of Adwa chart which celebrated the unity of Ethiopia in a battle against Italian invaders.

It’s a full on ride all right. Thanks is due to Maame Esi for invitation and to Bless Radio for hosting this talk and saying such lovely things about me. We met at the LSA. Hopefully people can get something out of it.





Venus Retrograde in Gemini May-June 2020

This video is on Venus as an archetype. Venus in the night sky during April. Venus rulerships. Venus in Gemini. Venus Retrograde in Gemini. Venus in the Houses and what to expect. Dolly Parton’s meme trend and the Shadow side of Venus.


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