About: Proteus Astrology

Kieron Devlin has had a lifelong love affair astrology. With a background in teaching, and the arts, his approach is both professional, empathetic and eclectic: it ranges from direct inspiration to inclusion of the psychological, mythological, traditional, locational and the discovery of asteroids to the centaurs, non-traditional astrologies and contemporary interpretations of astrology and encouraging symbolic literacy. He is building his consultancy having completed a Certificate with Distinction, and is still working on the Diploma from the London School of Astrology. Aside from all those in books, his teachers include Frank Clifford, Richard Swatton, Lynn Bell, Melanie Reinhart, Wendy Stacey and Faye Blake Cossar, and he has attended workshops with Geoffrey Cornelius, Bernadette Brady, Pam Gregory, Chris Brennan, Maurice Fernandez, Maggie Hyde, among many others.

Astrology enriches anyone’s life and most people ‘get it’ and requires endless study, but it is definitely not ‘fluffy’. He has written many astro-biographies, and is doing research on various transits and on Locational astrology. Other research is on the Muse Asteroids in astrology and how to find the creative signature in the natal chart.

What People Say …

I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about. Now I’m very happy I found this.” 


“The reading was really helpful, you opened again new windows to me in which I know I have to dive into. Others were really familiar because you were just talking so much about me, it felt you knew me from inside.”

“My personal chart is quite clear to me and you gave me the clues to dig in some keys I already suspect were there.” 

“About the 2020 chart and the bi-wheel, they were actually truly revealing as I am, as you know, going through a changing phase, and all that you showed me helped me understand what my following steps are, confirmed I am on my way, also it gave me the key to know I really have to work on self-confidence which is something that always lays beneath, but I really never let it out so I can work it properly. There are a few steps to follow, some I could already see, some I did not want to probably and others are still mysteries to figure out.” Leticia 

“What most impressed me was the fact that 2019 have come huge changes in my life. As you talked about my natal chart, it showed big projects, either in Berlin or Barcelona, and it has turned out true. Life has lead me to Barcelona, where I am learning new skills and enjoying that.”


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