Terms and Conditions

Before ordering an Astrology reading or report please read my Terms of Service Conditions.
Principle: Astrology is best considered as educational, for entertainment and personal self development purposes. It makes no claims beyond this.
  • When ordering any services – a reading, a report, or any advice- from me that automatically means you legally agree to my terms of service which are the following:
  • I cannot be held legally responsible for any actions or decisions you make as a result of the session. What you do in your life is your own choice, and even if the reading offers suggestions on a particular subject, or offers you guidance or advice to pursue actions, you remain in full control of your life and what you choose to do with it. You  take full responsibility for yourself. My services are designed to give you insights about your life, in the past and in future possibilities but ultimately your inner knowing and intuition about what is right or you should always come first and outweigh anything stated by the astrologer. If something is said in a report or reading does not feel right to you, then the onus is on you to dismiss the info;  please only keep what feels correct, with which you align and let go of everything else.
  • If you are unhappy with my services after our exchange is complete you are more than welcome to contact me via email and communicate the issue, and a refund, partial or full can be arranged,  but this cannot be guaranteed in all cases after payment has been finalized.
  • I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical astrology services. Any insights given about health matters are limited and only meant to help bring more awareness of the possibilities. It is your job to take full responsibility for your own personal health concerns. If you feel you might have health issues, please see a medical professional as soon as possible, or I can recommend a Medical astrologer or Healer.
  • If you relocate or travel to a location anywhere in the world that i suggested to you in an Astro-Location reading and things do not go as planned, I cannot be held legally responsible for those unforeseen circumstances and experiences. I am merely offering advice and probabilities but offer no guarantees on accuracy as it may depend on your circumstances and beliefs.
  • Your privacy is very important to me.  I will never share your personal information or astrology readings with any one. Nor will I share your astrology charts or email address with anyone without your consent. All personal information provided to me is keep strictly confidential, in addition to any information provided to you.
  • My astrology readings can deal with very sensitive, private subject matter. So be aware that issues may crop up: philosophies of life and death, trauma, spirituality, sexuality, self- esteem, mental health and personal beliefs, among other sensitive subjects that most people do not openly discuss. If you do not want me to include these subjects please make that clear when ordering a reading or at the beginning of the consultation.
  • My terms of service are subject to change at any time without notice. You accept these terms each and every time you order one of my services regardless if you have read them or not.
  • I cannot provide anyone under 18 years of age any of my services without the written or verbal consent from their parent or legal guardian.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the astrological insights.


Adapted from various sources Rik astrologer mainly.

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