The Magic of Magnets

Playing with Magnets: Part 1

So we are in enforced lockdown where people are being shamed for even walking the dog. But stuck in four walls people can get easily very antsy and not know what to do with themselves. Why not play with your magnets? It beats banging your head on the walls?


Magnets polarise energy and remind you there is a north and south to everything- a beginning and an end. Just like politicians they come and go. There is a turnover. If you split a magnet, where it is cut becomes the new north or south depending which end it is. Magnets are heavy but you can feel a magnet pushing and pulling. It sensitizes you to energy you cannot see but you can observe and feel. A magnet has a field of energy around it which splays outwards like an elliptical halo on both sides. There is a zero point where the splay stops and then it reverse swings to the other direction. Magnetic energy is fundamentally linked with electricity just like space and time bend each other, magnetism has an electrical charge and electrons have a magnetic charge. This creates the electro-magnetic field.

Playing With Magnets Part 2

Our bodies also have a bio-energetic field so magnets remind us this energy is invisible but at the same time very powerful. All Qi practitioners know this and become vessels for this flow. They practice Qi Gong and Tai Qi to become more aware of how energy moves in and out of the body. Emotional Freedom Technique taps on those meridians using a technique of identifying the words that programme the psycho-somatic problem and help to unlock its baleful effects. EFT practitioners also know that energy flows along meridian lines and tapping key acupuncture points is a way not only to increase the right/left hemispheric balance of your body but also get instant relief.

Here in the videos Parts 1 and 2, I demonstrate how just playing with magnets can realign your energy and it could be feeling frazzled at the moment while in lockdown. First, I show feeling the push and pull, then the cycle pedal, then above and below, sausage roll style nd top spinning. This is done just by whirling the magnet above it and moving the energy. Simple things can trigger an awe at the universe and its mysterious workings.

Astrologers say Venus represents attraction so like one end of the magnet, and Mars is the propulsion, so it is at the other end. Very broadly speaking Venus is Yin to Mars’ Yang and as the Yin-Yan symbol shows it is not static but whirling. The black dot is emerging inside the white petal and the white dot inside the black petal is surfacing and this is a never-ending cycle. It is in constant dance. What this means is that there are permutations. There you have an integrated dynamic that cannot really be separated. Venus and Mars exist as archetypes in both males and females. Venus and the 2nd house are said to attract money, making some people money magnets.

Cole Porter once said in song that ‘a man chases a woman until she catches him.’ Who is chasing who is never clear. In same-sex love there is still a dynamic whereby the attractor and attracted is either fixed in stone, or the partners shift roles and one is more in the lead than the other. I have definitely seen that when Venus and Mars are conjunct in the natal chart or by synastry with a lover- the level of sexual attraction is through the roof. This frisson would exist even if Venus and Mars are in 180 degree opposition. The Sun linked to the Moon as well can create powerful attraction if one person’s Sun is on another’s Moon, or in opposition. The effect operates much like a magnet-locking people together then propelling them apart. Who has not experienced that attraction-changing-to-repulsion-and-back again cycle within intimate relationships? The makeups follow the breakups and this tension sometimes maintain the opposing forces in a state of equilibrium – or not as the case may be. Divorce after all is as useful an institution as marriage and just as necessary.  

There’s no doubt there is a push and pull going on in all types of relationship whether at work, with friends or with partners.  The Sun and Moon in a chart also carry a lot of attraction, where opposition or intense attraction is indicated.


The Sun and Moon do a dance for us every month from the new phase where the moon is dark to a full moon when it is at its brightest and a super moon when it is closest to the Earth. There are eight moon phases where light on the moon goes from right to left: 1) New Moon, 2) Waxing Crescent, 3) First Quarter , 4) Waxing Gibbous, 5) Full Moon, 6) Waning Gibbous  7) Last or Third Quarter  8) Waning Crescent. It returns each New Moon in opposing signs in approximately 27 days. What we often take for granted is that these phases are only visible with the interplay of the light of the Sun, so it is a Sun-Moon dance. Eclipses are a bit more unusual.  

A Lunar eclipse is when the Earth comes between the Sun and Moon causing the moon to be in shadow and when the Moon shadow covers the Sun it causes a Solar eclipse. There are six eclipses in 2020 only some of which will be dramatically visible. The one on June 21st will be the one to watch as it coincides with a new moon solar eclipse and when the biggies- Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are back together within 5 degrees of each other.This will be mostly visible across Africa, Pakistan, Northern India and China.

The Dance of the Planets – the Sun, Mercury and Venus: Ferguson’ (1771)

Following these Sun-Moon phases in our chart helps monitor our progress and development from seeding to fulfillment. From the germination phase during waxing, towards fullness and then consolidation and absorption periods in readiness for the new cycle during waning. These extreme points are accompanied by dramatic eclipses. The North Node and South Node are points in the sky at the intersection of the Sun’s apparent path. These points in your chart are said to be magnetic too. If for example you have Venus there or Mars, or even Pluto it could mean you have inexplicable powers of attraction, Pluto on a deeper level than Mars. This would also be true of any Scorpio and the 8th House placements.

The 2nd House ruled by Venus is said to be a money magnet too, and J.P Morgan, while not having Jupiter there, has a stellium of planets in the 2nd House. Where the North and Sound nodes are in the chart can be magnetic points. This nodal dance reminds us of the dynamics of opposing archetypes and they appear to do the magnetic push and pull.  Mercury appears to have its intertwined positive and negative signals representing its dualistic nature, but it does its own dance with the Sun when it goes Retrograde a few times a year.

J.P. Morgan ‘The Man Who Bought the World’ Apollo Magazine (2015)

There is even a theory of astrology that gives magnetism a fundamental place.  In 1988  Dr Percy Seymour noticed that as an astronomer it became useless to attempt to explain astrology using the theory of gravity.  He realized the usual theory that planets influence the earth by their gravitational field did not really fit the phenomena. He proposed a new idea that magnetism from the sun aligns in a holistic way with harmonics, genetics and neurology.

Whether Seymour’s notion that planetary influences form an electromagnetic field or not, and we may never know, but even so, developing your awareness of magnetic attraction and repulsion can trigger some beneficial effects:

1) it can amplify your sensory receptivity and awareness of sensations.

2) it allows you to open and focus your mind at the same time.

3) it helps to distill your mind to its essential parts.

4) increases your understanding of natural forces in nature.

5) increases awareness of your personal bio-energy.

6) alerts you to how Qi flows through your body’s meridian lines.

7) helps to rebalance your bio-magnetic field.

Ilche Lee Change Your Energy

Korean master Ilchi Lee expresses this very well in his videos. He calls himself a brain educator for Earth citizens and uses magnets to illustrate this natural process of attraction and repulsion. He does this in a gentle, soft and simple way that even children can get. From Lee it is easy to see how understanding brings acceptance of change.

This dance that magnets make can seem like a door closing. As T.S. Eliot said in Little Gidding What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” For me the main thing playing with magnets teaches you is that it demonstrates clearly that we are more than just our physical bodies. There is invisible energy beyond the body that directly impacts us. Interesting to is that the North and South Poles do not align exactly with the Magnetic Poles. Changes to the earth’s magnetic field can also disturb the intricate balance of nature as when increases of the use of radar and intensification of telecommunications technology, this can have an effect on health of people.

People also talk of the Schumann resonance which is a pattern of spectrum peaks in the earth’s electro-magnetic field first predicted in 1952. Our heartbeat creates its own electro-magnetic field as the Heart-Math Institute have shown. But our lungs too and all organs generate a field of energy that radiates outwards from the core. Increasing awareness of the magnetic push and pull helps us to understand all this and avoid following a narrowly reductive model of the world, and challenges the supposition that is all-too firmly entrenched that only physical is real.

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