Venus Retrograde in Gemini: Venus in the House of Mercury

Vasari Venus



Mariska Veres sings ‘Venus’ in Shocking Blue (1969)

We are approaching a phase of Venus in Gemini where she will retrace her steps as if she has forgotten something in the house of Mercury. To make sense of Venus in everyday life we start reviewing our social connections and what they mean to us: all the people we know and the intricate web of emotional attachments we value as important. But Venus also relates to the world of objects and the internet of things- what we wish to acquire and attract. Put Venus into Gemini -the house of Mercury- and tongues will be wagging about all that we value- a bit of this that and the other- but it will have this purpose, to reevaluate key relationships, which includes to things, allowing us to move on.

Who does not love all things Venusian, beauty, the arts all the finery and razzle dazzle? The morning star form of Venus was known as Phosphorus– ‘the sparkling one.’ She is certainly gorgeous as visible in the evening sky during April. We cannot tell that she revolves West to East the reverse of the Earth. But, as everyone knows, all that glitters is not necessarily real gold. Nor is everything to do with Venus about women alone, as Venus can manifest as a boy, as much as Mars as a woman. So there are anomalies to pay attention to. Her domain covers bonding with girl and boy buddy gangs.

Venus casts a real spell over us all. She can mean lust for money and materiality with a bit of manipulation thrown in. Venus makes us see what we are identified with – is it what we have or who we really are? During the Venus retrograde phase from May 13th to June 24th -we might be thinking more about which ways we might be more authentic and how we might detach from false values.

Giorgio Vasari ‘Birth of Venus’ (1555-57)

Astrologers say Venus is about love, pleasure and emotional connections, but it is not always romantic lovey- duvvey type love as it can be more to do with personal values, but as Venus in Capricorn shows love is more about status and respectability, working in discreet ways to maintain that. Other styles of Venus are those who use shopping as therapy in place of real nourishment and love sustenance. Venus rules the signs Taurus and Libra in slightly different flavours. In Taurus she is rutting in the field content with being simple, and in Libra she is preening in the mirror checking her colour-coordination. But Venus also represents the fine, and nice things in life that makes it livable.

Venus and Mercury by Hort (1836)

From April 4th to August 8th 2020 Venus is in the sign of Gemini an unsually long time. This means love in the house of communication ideas and learning. This could increase the online chat room activity ten fold. Talkers will come to the fore. Those who love oral satisfaction, for whom a good chinwag is as satisfying as any real meeting, will be in their element. It could see an increase in love-bombers, those hit-and-run lovers who strike using emoticons but are gone before you scratched the surface. But during this time of uncertainty people might feel that cannot handle any deeper entanglement is too much trouble. You want lightweight not heavyweight people this time around. It most definitely will see a rise in verbal dexterity and wordplay. It will more likely be sapiosexual charm that is on full display during Venus in Gemini. Romance as a consequence might be less about the physical than mental stimulation, brain not brawn.

Relationships might also take on the style of a business deal or trade off with flirting online-hundreds of texts back and forth, and a whole lot of chit-chat as foreplay, talking about it before doing it. Then deftly avoiding signing the contract. Take care to speak to your partner with compassion before ending a relationship suddenly as break ups are a feature of Venus Retrograde- likewise new partners and especially getting married are best postponed until July. There might also be a massive increase of shopping online as we have already seen, filling Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s pockets even more. But expect delivery to be slow and you will need to be more discerning about what to buy. On the other hand, we may turn away from material goods, and it might drive us to writing poetry or songs which is a useful creative and therapeutic outlet for this energy.

The Venus Retrograde in Gemini 2020 (

The Retrograde phase will be interesting -no doubt about it- if anyone feels fully the actions of Venus, and they are inescapable, they know how important it is. Those born with Venus Retrograde also tend to know that love doesn’t always come easily but will be the better for wiser choices. This period extends from May 14th to June 26th- six weeks- past the Solstice which is accompanied by an eclipse. Then Venus once again goes direct having finished up her business in Gemini not going into Cancer until August. It is crucial to know your own chart and which house Venus is in to see how this might impact your life, otherwise advice can seem very generalised. You need not only to know where Venus is located, but also where the sign of Gemini is- there are two different pieces of the puzzle. The North Node arrives in Gemini too adding to higher levels of trade and exchange locally.

The easiest example to use is if you have Venus in the 3rd House, it already relates to Gemini and communication, so this period will feel normal. Or, if you have Venus and Mercury conjunct in your chart. It will be even more pertinent for you if you already have Venus in Gemini between 5 -25 degrees. This makes it particularly personal and relevant, giving you a intense drilling over with a Venus return boosted by her Retrograde action. While poets have multiple chart signatures, the poets whom the public most loves stand out. They often have Venus and Mercury conjunct. T.S.Eliot had this placement for example He was named ‘the most loved poet’ in Britain during WWII because his words spoke persuasively to people’s emotions during a difficult time.

how Venus Retrograde in the houses might affect you

If you have Venus in the first house, it would relate to your physical appearance so don’t do anything drastic, just refresh your style; if it is in the second, to evaluate your budget, does income match outflow?; in the third house questions about short online courses, which one suits you best?; in the fourth to reviewing notions of your self or to the nurturer in your family, is that you?; in the fifth to restart your creative projects, and which story you tell yourself about that?; in the sixth to concern about reboots to the immune system at home, the new workplace- is it functional?; in the seventh to realisations of your acts of mirroring with partners, is it working for you?; in the eighth to a reevaluation of shared resources and impulses to transform,how is that going?; in the ninth to a re-connection to a love of wisdom, crazy ideas and philosophies; in the tenth, to a review of your visible status and reputation, is it still what you want? ; in the eleventh, it offers restarts in finding your real tribe, how to proliferate your social media connections, is a cull needed? ; and finally, in the 12th, it will bring a subconscious reprocessing, perhaps with sweeter but complex dreams that inspire poetry, how is being stuck in the house working for you?

A further layer of meaning can come from checking where the sign of Gemini falls in your chart, as Venus will affect those areas of your life. Combine the planet Venus placement with the sign Gemini placement and you can build a more comprehensive picture of how the retrograde season will affect you.

The Dolly Parton Meme Challenge (Oprah magazine, Jan 2020)

Gemini is about communication, interactions, collection of information and getting quickly bored. Facets of self in Gemini and the trend for posting several images of oneself all shown together so Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder.The trend was apparently started by Dolly Parton -whose Gemini signature gave the name Dolly to the first cloned sheep. In different photos showed four facets of how people present themselves on social media: the roles they play in work, business, hobbies and the more intimate side. The Tinder photo was the erotic pose – doing their Venus- in contrast to the ones on Face Book and Linked-In, not in birthday but the dark banker suits- doing their Saturn. Some presented themselves as a joke as if to say I do not hide myself behind masks with the same picture in each Platform. Masks themselves are a bit of a lark, well used by criminals, and very Venus in Gemini. They say to the world, I have facets of the self that comprise the whole, and most of us would agree this is true. We can wonder now whether this is duplicity or is it survival instinct that the roles we play for work create a barrier between ourselves and the outside world to protect the more sensitive inner self.

A warning attached to this might be that sweet words sound good but are not always true. Venus squares Neptune May 4th and May 20th.  So confusion and deceit are abroad in the world, as if we could not already see that. People who are in love with love can be more easily deceived. People come to you the gift of the gab and it is just that- all talk with no substance. We all know that lies and statistics are conflated, and where there is smoke there are mirrors reflecting back to us a mirage of the truth.

Pieter van der Heyden ‘Ship of Fools’ engraving (1559)

The pandemic has thrown people into a terrain where we are all vulnerable to being lead along by what the media tells us is true, when differing stories are in conflict. Venus in Gemini may start questioning all of that. It will bring more revelations to come during May and June. It can trigger continuing reevaluation of all that we know, what’s real and what’s not. This can be a shock, and it is dividing people in new and unexpected ways which could create even deeper rifts in the coming months. But on the plus side it helps you to be sure who is your real tribe and who is not.  If an ex-lover pops up again, as is the trend during a Venus retrograde, it may just be that it is to have that final conversation that settles scores but said in a reasonable compassionate way so whatever difficulties passed between you can be signed off once and for all.

Venus gone Funky (source unknown)

It is not useful to talk about Venus without mentioning her shadow side which is not all sweetness and light. She is the queen of Hot as in Erotic, as spawned at her birth was both the god Eros and Hymenos- Love and Desire. Through Venus we get our sexy grove on – we are in touch with our hotness. But hotness can burn. It brings us a lot of fun, but also trouble. The successful ITV show Love Island caught people’s attention but it has its shadow in terms of the mental health casualties. Carol Flack became the third contestant to commit suicide after the show. Desire for love and fame and riches are fine, but rapid exposure in the harsh light of reality TV can produce extreme withdrawal symptoms when it is gone. There is an imbalance, prompting suicides in the contestants. So there is a ruthlessness in Venus that is easy to underestimate. She married Hephaestus and then proceeded to cheat on him as she pleased- not caring whether her lovers were mortal or immortal. So vanity and selfishness, even narcissism where she is shown looking in a mirror is part of her nature. The lyrics of Shocking Blue’s 1969 song go:

Her weapons were her crystal eyes
Making every man mad
Black as the dark night she was
Got what no one else had

This puts at least one of her feet into similar territory of the dark vengeful goddesses Kali and Durga and it is through relationships that we can see the darkness of ourselves. Venus can rule people’s lives without their knowing and undercut their espoused values especially if aspected to Pluto. Remember that it was Venus who encouraged Pluto to go after the daughter of Ceres/Demeter creating deprivation, loss, food shortages grief and eventually the seasons. So go easy and keep a check on all that you value. There is nothing wrong with fun as we all need or creature comforts, we all need to feather our nests. But if you see through the glamour, the artifice and jewellery, there is a darker side to Venus that we would be well to pay attention to, especially during a retrograde. She can be capricious- just because she can. Venus is also out of bounds so playing wild.

The higher octave of Venus is Neptune and this is spiritual love and universal compassion beyond earthly love. So we can aspire to that if we know how to guide the energy. The question during this retrograde is to ask ourselves: do our values match up to our choices? That is tricky to answer, yet all of May and part of June, we may be forced to answer by reviewing what we value.

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