Warrior Mars Enters Executive Capricorn

Hort ‘Mars’ (1865)

Whether you are male or female the chutzpah of this energy will get an extra boost when the sun moves into Aries on the 20th March. The joys of Spring in the northern hemisphere then will shift more into high gear. But before all that, as we swim through Pisces, our goal-shaping can still be sharpened and refined and business acumen may be at a peak from tapping into this Mars in action. It is a great time for finessing daily routines, and perhaps doing more work than usual, as long as it is useful, constructive and efficient work and does not fritter away valuable time. One thing that is hard to do is to just accept things even if they irritate you. There is often some greater purpose that is serves.

Get the ignition key handy and get moving with this push start to your ambitions. If you can manage this along with some shuffling and navel gazing due to Mercury in Pisces then all the better. Put all your energy into organizing the details. Do the step by step logistics of anticipating problems and doing it all with painstaking care that a master of discipline bestows. Get all your plans, papers, systems and processes sorted these next few weeks. The son is working for his dad’s company and getting all the  necessary training to eventually take over as CEO.

This acceleration symbolised by the warrior planet may slow down in September when it appears to go backwards in the sky. But that’s not for a few months. It is not going retrograde just yet. Plans may move forward more easily now. Mars will join Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto over the next few weeks so that might be a bumpy ride. It will overtake each on in turn, even crossing the South Node of the Moon.

If this long cycle meeting of the outer planets Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn is like a council of the elders, sorting the world’s problems, then that is important enough. But it seems all generations are coming to the ritual circle, mythological brothers Pluto and Jupiter, who argued over the daughter of Ceres, and the old daddy Saturn, master of the cycles of time. Jupiter traverses this territory bringing a breezier and less heavy-handed attitude with a bit of guru wisdom. But he can be curtailed by Saturn and Pluto.

Then along comes the young buck to visit everyone and he might get very antsy. It takes a lot of self control for the urban warrior to listen hopefully and take note of what the elders advise. The fact that he is in Capricorn suggests that this time instead of being impatient to leave, or to jump ahead too soon, he will actually listen and something productive may arise. It is a series of learnings for this impulsive streak that might be like a hero’s education. The focus is definitely on the ups and downs of your physical energy so watch out for pushing to extremes and how others might fly off the handle.

Could it all get out of control? Yes, easily, so keep an eye on the road ahead and drive your life with the skill it deserves.

Mars enters Capricorn today February 16th until 30th March.

Mars is out of bounds from February 9th to March 2nd.

Mars squares Chiron February 21st

Mars conjuncts the South Node of the Moon on 25th and 26th February- 6 degrees of Capricorn.

Mars conjuncts Jupiter March 20th at 22 degrees Capricorn.

Mars conjuncts Saturn April 1st at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

Mars conjuncts Pluto March 29th at 24 degrees of Capricorn.

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