Deep Sea Diving: Mercury in Pisces

Richard Burton

Mercury entered Pisces on Monday February 3rd and I immediately felt drained as it is the communicator was diving under the surface. He is taking a long-held breath and swimming down to the bottom of the Ocean. This could be tense and require extra energy and attention, but the results are great. You may find  that glistening pearl  or bit of treasure that lies on the sea bed if you eyes can see in the dark. It just was not visible from the surface.  You may have to trawl down several times to pull anything back up. It may feel rather like we are floating, and dreamy, so keep a notebook handy for any creative ideas that swim into view. People who were born with Mercury in Pisces are poets Wordsworth, W.H.Auden and Maya Angelou, and astrologers Bernadette Brady and Dane Rudhyar, singers Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Lady Gaga – just to give a flavour of this kind of inspiration.

We may not see all of the details as Mercury as we’ll be immersed in another medium and Mercury is the opposite sign of Virgo here but the cure for hypercritical Virgo is a deep sea dive in Pisces and one cure for that feeling is a fresh focus on the details, but that phase is not now. Mercury will stay in this Neptunian soup until April 11th. He goes Retrograde on the 17th to make things even more challenging to see clearly, and we may feel the drag of the watery undertow pulling us back. His companion on the journey is Venus which went into Pisces on January 13th. But Venus will leave its exalted heights of bliss and emotion and heavenly love and will stride forcefully into Aries on February 7th wanting, even demanding her own way instead.

Hort ‘The New Pantheon’ (1836)

Mercury is language and artful conversations, dialogues and negotiations, and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is disguise or deception so there could be an even greater wave of distortion in the media, making something seem plausibly true, but which is not at all. Thicker, wispier smoke and even shinier mirrors than usual could make it more .difficult to separate fiction from fact to arrive at a clear-eyed view. Mercury is foggy in Pisces and that may well be so, but it is also more psychically attuned. It is Mercury in the underworld of the subconscious mind trawling for gems and pearls and it does a great job of tapping out morse code from the deeper layers of the mind to the surface.

This may seem unrelated but it is a story that brings to light the murky journeys Mercury makes while in Pisces. This is the adventure of Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890). In 1853 he planned to venture into the heartland of Islam Medina and Mecca which were off limits to Christians. Non-believers were forbidden with severe punishment. He himself had Mercury in Aries but his Sun, Venus, Mars, the North Node and Pluto were all in Pisces. So he was certainly gifted by the ability to transform himself into someone else. These planets all reside in his 5th House so this gave him a richly creative mind and the ability to concentrate totally on the task in front of him.  

He was so fluent in Arabic he could don the simple cloth of a Muslim pilgrim and pass for one of the ‘believers’ without being detected. This is so Mercury in Pisces. It might even give us a clue for how to ‘pass’ through all the fear-mongering and nonsense in the media to see it more realistically and to remain untainted. We can still be perceived as one of the crowd – in it, but not of it. Seemingly in line with the view that “we see the world not as it is but as we are ” Burton said “The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself.”

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and so governs religions and this can be extended to any ideology held intensely and journeys can be into the interior world. Burton travelled from Egypt into the Arabian peninsula, to Mecca where the mosque is where Hajj (plgrimage) is performed. He even looked like Middle Eastern pilgrim and no one uncovered his stratagem. This is the slippery trickster energy of Mercury combined with Neptune, but there was high risk too. Yet he carried it off, doing the circumambulations and rituals along with the other pilgrims. He made many observations of the famous black stone at the centre of the mosque in Mecca:  

“it is an aerolite. It is curious that almost all agree upon one point, namely, that the stone is volcanic. Ali Bey calls it mineralogically a ‘block of volcanic basalt, whose circumference is sprinkled with little crystals, pointed and straw-like, with rhombs of tile-red felspath upon a dark ground like velvet or charcoal, except one of its protuberances, which is reddish’. It is also described as ‘a lava containing several small extraneous particles of a whitish and of a yellowish substance” (read more)

This description allowed people to see what could not otherwise be seen.Such a piercing unflinching gaze transforms our view of tasks that seemed impossible, but that cut through to just what is actually there.  Burton also did a translation of the 1001 Arabian Nights  that burrowed into all the source social and sexual details and brought it to life in a more realistic way. His was deep research that left no stone unturned.

Mercury is the writer and translator of ideas. Pisces is the ocean of creativity.  Retrograde is a time of reviewing- always a good thing- and if that means slowing down then okay, we can take more time to reflect. Pulling all these strands together during the next few weeks with so many other things going on in the world, will be the challenge.

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