Why is the Moon in Taurus Exalted?


The Moon moves into Taurus today (April 2th, 2021) and I want to ask why is the moon in Taurus considered such a great position? This video delves into Venus and the Moon rivalry, mutual receptions, Lana del Rey, Hathoor, Selene, the other transits into Taurus this season; it takes a quick run through what the moon means in every zodiac sign, and then an example Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) as he not only represents Moon in Taurus, but Venus and Eros there too. That’s in addition to being ultra Mercurial and pure Chiron too.

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My good friend and astro-buddy, Maame Esi, interviewed me on Bless Radio, March 5th in which we cover all things Piscean.

In this delightful conversation we go down a few rabbit holes, delve into multiple topics, talk about astrology itself, its deeper meaning, who I am and what Proteus means in, all things to do with  the Pisces season, the arts, being creative, and about the chart of Nina Simone, her powerful artistry and music, about Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov all Pisceans and about Alexander Pushkin.  We play some music, do some astro-weather for the rest of March up until March 20th coming up, and talk about lots of archetypes, myths, about Emotional Freedom Technique, Psyche and Soma, Yoga, the ‘as within so without’ and about the battle of Adwa chart which celebrated the unity of Ethiopia in a battle against Italian invaders.

It’s a full on ride all right. Thanks is due to Maame Esi for invitation and to Bless Radio for hosting this talk and saying such lovely things about me. We met at the LSA. Hopefully people can get something out of it.


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Venus Retrograde in Gemini May-June 2020

This video is on Venus as an archetype. Venus in the night sky during April. Venus rulerships. Venus in Gemini. Venus Retrograde in Gemini. Venus in the Houses and what to expect. Dolly Parton’s meme trend and the Shadow side of Venus.


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