Martialing your Mars in Aries 2020

Bruce Lee
Heinrich Aldegrever ‘Mars’ from the Seven Planets (British Museum)

Mars has been in the watery sign of Pisces since May 14th and emotions have been not just been bubbling mildly but reaching boiling point in an explosive emotional way and it has polarized the world, but on June 28th Mars moves into the Martial sign of Aries and stays there for six whole months. Will this be relief or will it be like throwing gasoline on the fire? During this time Mars will trine any planets you have in Sagittarius and Leo, but it squares those in Cancer or Capricorn and opposes any you have in Libra. This transit of Mars through the warrior sign covers the entire second half of 2020. Fire signs will be even more fired up, especially if you are an Aries sun sign or if Aries is in your first house, but all signs and houses will be affected. But since it is going retrograde in its own sign, it may be worth paying attention to the push-me-pull- you message it is delivering in that area of your life.

The Mars conjunct Neptune June 12th-14th has steamed up the windows so we cannot see clearly and may feel played by what is going on. It feels like the world is drunk on anger and the level of deception and aversion to truth is high. But when Mars goes into Aries on June 26th, it would be time to do and not just talk; not to just follow the trend, but to take a step back and learn to stand on your own and to channel your inner warrior. The lesson of Mars is to treat the life force with respect, embody it in yourself and exemplify it in your deeds, but at the same time, the danger is to feel constantly triggered by news, events and people from your knee-jerk reflexes and not from deeper reflection which is badly needed now more than ever.

Aries is not just the first sign of the zodiac it demands to be first and asserts its right to be the one going ahead for the rest of us to follow. That could be reckless or it could be divinely inspired action, so watching the movement of Mars can tell us where the trigger points happen.  Mars is ‘hot’ in all senses of the word. Touch it the wrong way and it burns you. But another kind of hot can be pheromones spiralling out of control, so there may also be super-sexual energy that does not waste time in getting what it wants. Mars is in Aries where the sun is exalted. So Mars serves the higher purpose of the Sun which is the prime creative force and if seen in this elevated mode can bring about the highest expression of its power to bring about enlightened change for the good of all.

Mars Retrograde 2020

Having Mars in Aries is like have a Jujitsu master in town upgrading the training you need for combat and testing out all the split-second reflexes you may need to make best of the energy. If you miss a heartbeat your opponent can have you on the floor- a lesson to be learned from shadow boxing. But if you sidestep and learn a strategy you can keep bouncing on your toes. Periods of moving fast forward will coexist with the need for physical rest and strategic retreat which is as simple as getting a regular good night’s sleep.  How you manage to switch between these modes of shooting forward and dodging back is crucial for you to get a handle on this period. This will be especially true during the retrograde period lasting for 66 days starting on September 9th. The people who move forward fast may need to learn this toggle shift from doing to being, from all action to all reflection. It might feel like you have lost your Mojo, or feel exhausted, but it can bounce back. Reading inspiring books and meditating would be a good way of achieving this to enhance the quality of your state of mind before putting any new plan into action.

Perhaps for the next months we should be more aware of where our buttons are exposed and to anticipate responses rather than knee-jerk react.  The irritability factor increases especially when the Mars is conjunct the Moon when moods may shift so fast we don’t realise we are cranking up a rage. That’s usually the people closest to us but also stories promoted by the media. Those dates are 26th July and August 9th when Mars is opposite the Moon making it ripe for conflict to flare up from fluctuating moods. When Mars squares Venus also on the 5th September, there could be friction between lovers or just difficulties finding the right balance with social relationships and individual needs.

The best trait of Aries sun sign people is that they may get angry, but they don’t hold on to it, they move too fast for that. But Mars was also the traditional ruler of Scorpio and this is a deeper Mars where the emotion can be frozen to ice and hold itself in that fixed state, unyielding.  Rage can be from the ‘ego’  which is Aries, or from the ‘id’ which is more Pluto- the higher octave of Mars.

Bruce Lee, (Mars in Scorpio) Image:

There are many ways to channel the energy and enjoy the simple physicality of being in your body and actively moving it around- all sports, running, jogging, cycling, swimming, weight training, and definitely boxing, any form of marital art all ruled my Mars. Also fencing, yoga – the Warrior Pose definitely- dancing of any style especially where it requires a degree of physical control. Add massage too, giving and receiving- try Himalayan salt massage as one that kneads the hardest and is painful but it restores lost functions of the nervous system and the Lymph system which does not have any flow of its own. The body basically needs to move just as much as breathe and have water. Movement is vital. When Mars is in Aries would be a great time to start a new fitness routine as the impetus may carry you far towards your goals and keep you motivated to do your exercises instead of giving up. Even if you reel it back in September, you can progress a long way during the summer.

Celebrities with Mars in Aries
celebrities with Mars in Aries

The list of people with mars in Aries hints at how they might lead the pack: Tom Daley Christian Ronaldo, Angelina Jolie, Iggy Pop, Prince, Harvey Milk, Steve Jobs, Walt Whitman, Tolstoy, and many more. It is a strong placement for Mars, depending whether you are their boxing partner or not. Joseph Campbell had Mars in Aries and his work even revolved around the ‘Hero’s Journey’ and the great mythological heroes Jason, Theseus and Hercules- all stand-ins for Ares, the Greek original of the Roman Mars. Mars even has an African manifestation as Shango the god of “thunder, drumming, dancing, fire and male virility. Known for his love of partying, Shango has a ritual dance named after him. He is a master at the drums and the rumble of the thunder reminds us of his rhythmic sounds. Referred to as the “King of Santeria.” What Mars represents is universal to the human psyche.


If anger is an issue – and that would be expected given the current turmoil- it will become more so in the coming months. But every time we are triggered is in itself an opportunity to manage it more skillfully. ‘Anger is an energy’ according to William Blake, a line stolen by Johnny Rotten for his song called ‘Rise’. But Mark Twain adds that like electricity it must be used wisely and that  “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”  So careful handling of this volatile energy will be needed as anger can be turned in on itself. Frustrations, inhibitions, setbacks and difficulties with authorities could be felt especially during the Mars square Saturn periods and we have already seen the world shake to its foundations, yet there is more rattling to come this year.

At the highest level Mars represents an equivalent to Freud’s concept of Eros, which can be the sex drive for sure, but it is not only that. It is the deep need we have to lay down what Reich called our ‘armour’ – the sum total of all the repressed Mars in the somatic intelligence – and finally be fully in the body, to have it healed and feel ‘chi’ energy flow freely and where we love life to the nth degree. Mars/Eros helps channel the will to live as opposed to the death wish. He is the one who will pull back before we jump off the bridge to end it all. He is the survival instinct that works contrary to death or giving in to oppression. He will fight to stay alive and we need that especially now if we feel under physical attack and whether that comes from imagined health threats we are told make us vulnerable, or from big technology company shenanigans or where we feel public life is not voluntary, or from psychic attackers with their witches brew of toxic ideas. A strong Mars can help you charge up the batteries of your immune system.

We often need to fortify our defenses and who better to help us do that than Mars in its own sign. But this is a power we have to know how to handle or it will burn.  The best way to do that is to switch in to ‘get things done’ mode. But if we deny Mars within as well, it can come back to bite us on the backside. People will start acting up like Mars because we have overdone the sweetness and light and become blind to our own hidden aggressions. Mars can be repressed and so turns up in various ways to remind us he is part of us and this goes for both women and men. When Mars is suppressed the end result can be depression which some even define as un-lived anger, fevers, skin eruptions, ulcers, stomach ailments, heart disease and migraines.

If you want examples of this unlived energy, most of J.G. Ballard’s dystopian novels are all recommended as cautionary tales that now read more like current affairs than dysfunctional futures. They are premised on this psychological understanding that people act out violence in ways quite unknown to their conscious selves. They are mostly people doing their repressed Mars. In Crash (1973) people get a sexual thrill out of the crushed metal and broken glass of a car wreck and begin seeking that out to give their lives meaning. Disturbing? Yes, but possibly true. Ballard was a Scorpio. He saw deeply into how people really tick. So this is hugely important to strive to be aware how you are dealing with your inner aggression and drives. These could be well channelled or it could take a passive-aggressive turn and come out as sardonic, bitter words and criticisms.

‘The Inner Planets’ Sasportas and Greene, 1993

Howard Sasportas makes this point well when he says we condemn violence but in the same breath as being fascinated and thrilled by it. Mars has been maligned due to uncomfortable feelings about sex and aggression. This is little understood due to repressive aspects of today’s culture as it is not normally condoned. There is also the phenomenon where we get others to act out aggression we ourselves have denied either in personal relationships or in the collective. Mars in Aries will bring these issues to the front burner and off the back burner, but during the retrograde they might shift back and forth in the house where Mars is in your chart.

How Mars in Aries will Affect you.

Check the house Mars resides in in your chart – on– to see where that energy pops up. Is it well placed or does it have to struggle?  Are you being active enough in that domain? If not then the retrograde period would be a great time to reassess your understanding of whether you are being assertive enough as opposed to being aggressive, or denying it completely. It manifests differently in each house, but is also affected by aspects to other planets.

Mars in the First House

A welcome boost of physical energy may help push you forwards but any fitness regime but come September, it may need to stall in order to be adjusted and reviewed to ensure it is appropriate for your needs and is not harming you in any way. Rest and recuperation is essential to avoid accidents, injuries and impulsivity.

Mars in the Second House

Simple, sensuous experiences, even doing artwork, may give renewed pleasure and help to ground you. But you may need to review your finances and take considered actions to feel really secure about the future but avoid being stubborn, a review should allow you to modify fixed behaviours.

Mars in the Third House

There may be massive proliferation of communications both online and, of among family relations. It’s a great time to start studying a new course but be aware that stating opinions too forcefully can create conflicts and needless arguments. Take time to appreciate the nuances.

Mars in the Fourth House

A good time to reorganize the furniture at home, perhaps with a splash of red or orange to give it an energy boost and try some spicier food. But also it is time rethink who you are in view of your ancestors and review what it is that makes you feel truly secure and in touch with them.

Mars in the Fifth House

This is a great time to romp around with the kids if you have them, and if not, to reinvest your old creative projects with renewed energy. Feeling rejuvenated will feel good, but avoid pushing too fast too soon, and give all the care and attention those projects actually need and then relaunch them when Mars is direct.

Mars in the Sixth House

Time to purify your digestive system of any toxins and get into the details of health and good nutrition. Purge if you need to purge. Learning about ‘chi’ energy can renew healing capacity but do be careful of conflicts with work colleagues or any allergic rashes or irritations that pop up. Rest and recuperation must be equal to pushing forward.

Mars in the Seventh House

It is nice have a partner who is physically fit or encourage them to take fitness seriously. Or at least to seek partners who are decisive and walk their talk so you can sit back and agree. The difficulty here may be that if you sit back too much it becomes a projection disowning your own desire to take charge. Be careful that tiffs and arguments don’t ruin the opportunity to work off energy through diplomacy and/or good love making.

Mars in the Eighth House

Deep and uncomfortable feelings might arise that are not easily settled. Stay with the feelings and work through any problems with shared finances- be the organized accountant there. Be careful that any new sexual and emotional liaisons get out of hand with intense passion. Be the marriage counsellor there. Any therapy you take up might benefit from being physically acted out rather than just spoken to resurface hidden emotions and work them out thoroughly.

Mars in the Ninth House

A renewed passion for ideas, truth, justice and philosophy and spiritual practices may feel welcome to you to intensify your life, but do take care to speak calmly and reasonably and not like you are speaking through a megaphone. No one likes to feel beaten on the head. The truth will shine through on its own without your great powers of sales-speak and inspiring persuasion.

Mars in the Tenth House

This could boost your drive to succeed and you’ll be willing to put in extra efficient work to achieve that status. Gaining recognition is important but it may need careful negotiation with stake-holders as authorities such as the government, police or military may impose draconian measures in which you are complicit or that you resist. Status can have its drawbacks if not aligned with your truer self.

Mars in the Eleventh House

A renewed interest in niche groups and participating in Zoom talks on the internet might become the focus of attention. Social causes and ideologies promoted via hashtags can predominate over more human and individual concerns as Utopian beliefs can seem to be the the ‘only’ right answer. Revise some of these opinions through careful research before giving your total support.  

Mars in the Twelfth House

Your dream life can become more lively than your actual life, and you might be feeling trapped by too much isolation and ready to burst out, or the reverse. to retreat even further into yourself. Strict types of meditation such as Vipassana might begin to appeal but  take care to express your anger or resentment directly without playing martyr.

‘The Rape of Africa’ David LaChapelle (2009) based on the ‘Venus and Mars’ by Botticelli (1485) A post-coital Mars in repose

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