The Last New Moon Solar Eclipse of 2021 in Sagittarius


On December 4th  2021 there is a total solar eclipse at 12° 21′ of Sagittarius. It will be at 7.34 in the morning and will last for less than two minutes. You may have heard something about it as it is on the Ascendant of the US chart- but also may impact on the UK. Eclipses are dramatic and can fill people with undue anxiety, but they are not necessarily as portentous as they appear. A visible eclipse is an astonishing natural phenomenon, it stuns us into a state of awe, and it is a key celestial event that cannot be ignored. But it is its symbolic significance that counts. We will not see it here in Europe as it is over Antarctica and only partially in southern Australia, New Zealand Chile and Patagonia. Its effects may straddle 3-6 months so prepare for a rupturing effect a new flood of energy pushing you in a different direction over the next weeks and months. Out with the old and in with the new especially for these countries.

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Solar Eclipse Chart Dec 4th, 2021

I compare eclipses to revolving doors where what goes in one door may or may not exit out of the other side. They call it a portal especially when lodged between eclipses that are twinned-lunar and solar. So we feel propelled in one direction or the other with a fated quality. This image makes an eclipse from 2016 look like an eyeball, thanks to NASA so it is well chosen as it asks what’s real? Is it photoshopped? Can the old ideas about what propped up the universe be trusted anymore? This eclipse, the last of 2021, is not only conjunct Mercury giving us the ability to vocalise and express greater complexity but it has the Sun/Moon square to Neptune. That is bringing a feeling of  disrupted reality- in the fabric of the universe. Has someone ripped a hole in it perhaps? It is a good idea to turn away from all the traditional beliefs that prop up the image of the world as we know it as that might be blasted out of the water. But also it represents something of the Panopticon, the total surveillance of an all seeing eye and A.I.

Omikron (1999)

Neptune, the watery planet,  in Pisces, the watery sign,  has been chipping slowly away at our sense of what’s real since 2012. It’s so subtle we barely notice it and the great sea creature with many feminine qualities has a few more years to go before it moves into Aries turning us into spiritual warriors. But in Pisces it is a mind-melting trip where we have lost our bearings and feel adrift in the deepest oceans of conflicting information. We are so deep in we don’t know where we started any more and cannot yet see the endpoint.

Neptune is also linked to pharmaceuticals and deceptions, and the glamour of films. Films like the Italian space aged comedy Omicron (1963) and in video games like Omikron (1999) That was the year of was another major eclipse in Leo in a tight grand cross.  A lot was going on then too as it was the last eclipse of the millennium and very ominous. This game has the disembodied voice of David Bowie warn us about an invasion by Astaroth, the great duke of hell, who is devouring all he can from a reservoir of ‘prisoner’ souls. These are people who have been lulled to sleep, turned into puppets. They are his food. Only the ‘Nomad’ souls can overcome the demon Astaroth whose power is dwindling. When films from decades ago seem to prefigure and echo what is happening now, it is strange indeed.  The ‘juiciest souls’ are in this 3D dimension Bowie’s voice says.

This is where Neptune blurs all the lines from one dimension to the other. It is nebulous yes, all smoke and mirrors. There is no compass or template for navigating. But it can reveal all from the implicate order and allow us to hack into it somewhat. Neptune which went direct on December 2nd floods the mind with ideas that cannot be fully grasped and distorts our grip on linear time; it also confuses and pollutes the narrative even further. Neptune can be overwhelming. Are these messages coming from the past or from the future? There is some precognition going on- some time spiralling, as according to this video game, the ‘binary tides are turning’.

The December 4th eclipse is conjunct what is known as The Great Attractor at 12° of Sagittarius which is like a cosmic vacuum, gravity-pulling everything in its direction. So it will be felt as a strong force of suction. This eclipse is also the last one on the Sag-Gemini axis for several years. When the nodal axis shifts from Gemini-Sagittarius into Scorpio-Taurus the eclipses will emphases less about ideas and more about banking and monetary concerns and the full Moon in Gemini on the 19th December will just round that off nicely. That Venus is in Capricorn ruled by Saturn is also hugely significant for re-evaluation of all that the banking and monetary system offers, or fails to offer us. Reform is badly needed and in that is about to happen. The eclipse is also a few degrees away from the South Node so a life time of letting go of belief systems could feel seismic.


The eclipse is in the Saros cycle and that’s not one of the bad ‘families’ of eclipses. According to Bernadette Brady can trigger an influx of prophecy, where intuitions and dreams can become more psychic and can “bring a sense of enrichment with hunches proving to be accurate.” I’ve certainly noticed that it is always weird when there is a giant elephant in the room that people are sidestepping, happier to twist truth into lies and lies into truth. Only the ‘ultimate’ truth what matters to a Sagittarian, even though Sag-born natives tend towards the judgmental ‘I’m -right-and-you’re-wrong’ mentality, they are generally humorous, tolerant and broad minded. But truth is also what matters to any  of the zodiac signs who seek justice not the stage-managed variety.  

This is a great time to listen to the psychics and healers as the usual codes by which we understand ‘reality’ have passed their sell-by date. What is beyond and behind tells the true archetypal story of the clashing of potentialities and that is never just on the surface. This eclipse can even increase the romance in your life. It would always be there anyway if you view all challenges as a hero’s journey. But it helps to throw out all the old stuff that can’t go with you on the journey. You may already be in a new tribe, and the people you once knew, or thought you knew well, have just faded away.

You can even be what they call an apocaloptimist. An apocalypse is just a great revealing and optimists land very well in Sagittarius territory. Combine the two and you have a hybrid just like the centaur symbol of Sagittarius. All is in crisis, in flux, and you may be suffering intensely, beset by dilemmas, but better days are ahead if they are not already happening. But the intensity yes, the intensity is there too and this needs to be absorbed into the energetic body requiring extra sleep, quality self care, and protective psychic shields.

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse 2021 Daily

Eclipses can have kick starter effects so if it is in your first house or if your sun is conjunct the eclipse that is the energy, take the rough with the smooth and make all the decisions about who you truly are no matter how scary as the universe will push you in that direction anyway. Check your health as it might be a time for a full blown detox and physical top up. For others, you need to look to the house it is in in your chart and combine it with the question- what is your main quest in life? Do you have a philosophy sorted in that area? If not time to sort it out and that may relate to the 2nd,  your finances, the 3rd,  your communications, the 4th, your home life, the 5th, your creativity, the 6th your daily routines and bodily health, in the 7th, your relationships, in the 8th to private emotional mysteries, in the 9th to visions, and mental travel, in the 10th to career, in the 11th to groups and your new tribe,  and in the 13th it will be doing something funky to your dreams and your subconscious mind.

Is it time for a radical rethink and house cleaning of all your cob-webbed beliefs in any of those areas? Very likely, and highly recommended to become the prepper who is never surprised by waves of future turbulence coming our way in 2022.

And by the way, titans Saturn and Uranus are still in square and grinding away at the tension between the authoritarians on the one hand and the rebels on the other. With Eris in the mix it is a recipe for revolutionary change. She cries just what The Who sing about in ‘Won’t get Fooled Again’ (1971).  Eris detest injustice and deception. The Saturn Square Uranus is building up to exact on December 25th so have a lovely tension-filled, cracker-banged Christmas- being forewarned is better than saying afterwards ‘well I didn’t see that coming’.  Watch for new rules but also paradoxically, a new sense of freedom from them. You did see it coming- time bends after all- as the eclipse is tuning up and toning your ability to be able to see over and above the edges of time as Omikron says and it can increase your visionary capacities. All the planets currently in Sagittarius also pass across the Galactic Centre, so when the Sun is there at 27 degrees it may ask us to center into the larger self much more powerful than any limited socially projected self. That is on the 19th the day of the full moon.

And finally Mars is the trigger for people losing their heads, where political careers may fall but also watch for the days when Mars conjuncts the South Node, and when it passes over the eclipse degree of -12° 21′ to reach the tipping point, and that’s on New Year’s Eve. So one last explosive bang at the end of the year may be on the cards before we can greet 2022 and face what else is in store.


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