The First and Foremost One and Only, Aries

Aries Characters

It takes a certain umpf to run a mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds but Roger Bannister did that. He was an Aries. It had never been less than 4 minutes before so he was the first. This alpha type who likes to break records would have to be vital, spontaneous, yet very well trained, not lumpy, sluggish or calculated; they would have to be someone with roadrunner legs who doesn’t like to be beaten and has the nerve to win at all costs. These are the leadership qualities of Aries ruled by Mars. Aries can instantly access physical energy and the force of will power for clearing everything out of their way so the distance between the starting point and the goal is reduced.

Roger Bannister

Bannister’s epic moment on May 6th, 1954 but he was born on March 23rd, 1929. The event chart for his world record run in Oxford has Mars strong in Capricorn and sextile to Saturn locking  gritty determination into place. He broke a psychological barrier that had held athletes back for decades.  In later years his Mars was still speaking loud as he called for more ‘competitive’ sports. Mars is trine Mercury in  his natal chart which is nice for concentration and straight to the point style. One chart for him places Mars in Cancer on the Ascendant. That would give a birth time of around 10am. Another chart gives 5.45am as the birth time but again with no source which is classed as ‘dirty data’. But this would put Pisces on the Ascendant with Aries falling in the first house.

But a Sun conjunct Uranus hints at breakthroughs. He studied the science of running and became a neurologist. His sun is square to Saturn which would be on the Descendant for that birthtime and strongly placed in Capricorn. This makes Bannister’s chart a useful support to the Gauquelin research which suggested that Mars was prominent on the angles for athletes and the military and Saturn for scientists. Roger Bannister was both athlete and scientist and tick-boxes being in the ‘elite’ range to satisfy Gauquelin’s strict criteria.

And Roger was not the only one to athlete to get to the front of the line. There is long distance runner Mo Farrah (March 23rd, 1983), Linford Christie (April 2nd 1960) and Kelly Holmes (April 19th, 1970).

Bannister is one of multiple Aries characters who deserve attention and this article just rounds up a few astro-thumbnails to highlight these achievements. We can and to appreciate more how Aries have pushed us all forward and how we benefit from knowing them personally. The part on transits for this month is a third the way through, and the nerdier section where I talk about Oedipus and Anti-Oedipus is at the end.  

Va Va Vroom– Activators and Motivators

Fire burns fast and Mars does not hesitate so the most likely person to do the bungy-jump is an Aries while others hang back. Many Aries become adrenalin junkies and love the excitement of high-risk sports and martial arts. Sometimes this may even manifest physically and the Aries I-want-to-be-first spirit appears in a strong jutting chin like Kiera Knightley (March 26th) and Quentin Tarantino (March 27th).  I always think the characters in films who do a sudden head butt to win a fight must surely be Aries natives. To use your head to express yourself is the style of the Ram in spring and Aries rules the head. They have hearts of gold and can be loyal and will fight for you, but you have to allow them to be first.

Bette Davis
All About Eve (1950)

For a woman being Aries is hard as nails, as Bette Davis (April 5th, 1908) demonstrated to everyone she fought with. How can you be womanly and be your true Aries self? With difficulty. She had a spunky Mars at 29° of Taurus dissociate-conjunct Venus in Gemini – it was always going to be a case of fastening your seat belts for the bumpy ride with Davis. Joan Crawford another Aries, born March 23rd knew this force of Aries as only another Aries can. That ‘battle’ they had was a real dragon fight- to the death. Part of the visceral appeal of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962) revolves around this tension about who can be most vicious. It’s undiluted revenge porn. It is hard to say which is more potentially lethal in the crossfire-Crawford’s Venus at 29° of Aries ruled by Mars or Davis’s Mars at 29° of Taurus ruled by Venus. It is classic oppositional symmetry known as mutual reception-perhaps in this case to be renamed as mutual destruction? They certainly triggered each other and they both lived their sign to its fullest expression. Aries women come across stronger than most, so may not be liked by other women. Hell, even Home Secretary Priti Patel (March 29th) is an Aries with an explosive Moon conjunct Pluto. She has a way of cutting through opposition however legitimate it may be. This speaks loudly that it is Priti’s way or the highway.

Female Aries friends of mine report fancying men in uniforms -the men in their lives have to be almost hyper-masculine to satisfy them – some Martial spark turns them on. But social convention still being constipated, Aries women can feel obliged live this out vicariously by being the wives of policemen, military or athletes, or they can end up being pigeonholed as the ‘trousers’ in their marriages.

There can only be one Aries one in the room but they do it with charm, turning everyone else into shrinking violets. An Aries friend of mine has no sooner she arrived than she’s planning to leave on the next train. Another works a room faster than a speed-networking session. There’s a bursting energy that’s unstoppable- no point trying.  Challenge that and you might brushed aside as brusqueness is also one of their endearing qualities. People who love Aries natives learn to laugh it off, as Aries is child-like and holds no grudge. They can be “cruel but never malicious” as Greene and Sasportas say.  But do not doubt their loyalty and support as they can be strong and passionate defenders of your right to be who you are too. They can also show astonishing levels of tenderness and care for others.

Aries Mythology: Where is the Golden Fleece?

Jason Golden Fleece
Jason and the Golden Fleece

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior, and  being the earliest of all the signs and wants to be the hero but like all heroes – male and female- from Marduk, Jason who went after the golden fleece of a Ram, to Hercules, to Frodo and even Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz they need knowledge and helping hands. They do not always know how to achieve the goals, but they set off anyway undeterred. Aries embarks on the hero’s journey in defence of the Sun but the hero has to face all the challenges and the deal with their internal shadow. Marduk cut up his mother and Hercules killed the multi-headed Hydra but in doing so also accidentally killed Chiron with a poisoned arrow. Even Frodo in Lord of the Rings is an inherently a good hobbit, but he covets the power conferred by the ring- which is the wish to be the evil Sauron – and Dorothy has doubts and fears- so the hero has common failings that need to be overcome. The great promoter of stories that underlie world cultures and mythologies was himself an Aries. Joseph Campbell who born March 30th 1904 pioneered this research and is the reason we talk about the ‘Hero’s Journey’ today.

Liz Greene’s reminds us that fire signs are much misunderstood in their relationships. While their intuition is high, they may not even realise themselves why they have those instantaneous feelings. Aries might feel impatient here. Intuition gifted by the cardinal fire element is not valued much in the culture. It tends to be dismissed and it is especially not appreciated in men, as that does not sit well with their masculinity. Aries is an idealist, an accessor of possibilities; they think ‘let’s be done quickly with the real’ but the real comes back to claim its pound of flesh and so relationships- their Libran pleaser side- is a troubling area for them. Fire-Earth relationships work better than Air-Water in that symmetry between the elements and psychological types. Greene also says that sex is not just a physical act to a fire sign. It is beyond physical psychic essence and involves a fantasy element so the real world can be less than expected. To have Mars on an angle is similar to Aries sun or Rising sign and Pluto could be the other ruler of Aries as it is the higher octave of Mars. This easier connection to Earth signs points also to how amazingly canny Aries can be with money.  

Aries Characters
Aries Characters

Arians that Boldly Go where No One Has Gone Before

When there is no map for the unexplored territory, Aries goes out and creates one. There are so many incredibly powerful pioneer spirits who happened to be Aries. Scientist and psychologist Wilhelm Reich, born  March 24th  1897 stands out as unsung hero. He gave us orgone energy accumulators and cloud busters but was damned for it by the authorities. Also Ram Dass born April 6th, 1921 who blew his mind on acid but still became enlightened. I think if you spend a life talking about how to dismantle the ego, it still counts as ego- and even he might have agreed. I will do a separate posts on these two wayfinders as they each deserve special attention for their contribution. But if we want to appreciate the range of Aries people, there was also Viktor Frankl, born March 26th 1905, who has taught the world how to survive the most extreme circumstances in a concentration camp and that message stands true today.

Linda Goodman

And then there was  Linda Goodman, born April 9th 1925. She did more than any other stargazer to make astrology a topic of discussion over the breakfast table in the 60s and 70s. To put it on the map. She was also a poet and took care to write well. She had Venus and Chiron conjunct her Ascendant in Aries. She went to the core of what clients want  with Love Signs (1979) which she called ‘A New Approach to the Human Heart’. She said the flipside of the impulsiveness of Aries is the courage as each of the 12 signs has a mysterious way of loving that is unique. What’s really neat is that Goodman has mythic lover asteroids Eros and Psyche, just 5 ° apart in Aries- striving to be together in a passionate fire sign. This combo sits along with the Sun/Venus/Chiron add Juno to form an inspired cluster. All of these are leading the way on understanding partnerships through the popularizing of astrology.  To top it off, asteroid Vesta is there too perhaps hinting at the intense commitment levels given to her writing and poetry.

Santos Bonacci

Another layer of depth to astrology is in Astro-Theology and it is Santos Bonacci, astrologer, musician, linguist, vegan and syncretist who leads the way with his video teaching. He has an ability to combine scriptural interpretation, linguistics, etymology, theology, mythology, astrology, Platonism, chemistry and physics and blend them all together into the one system of correspondences they were designed to be. He is also controversial as a flat-earther. He was born March 24th 1963 with Leo rising and a Moon in Pisces. His comment on his own chart mentions his Cardinal points: Leo with Uranus rising,  Sagittarius on the IC, Aquarius on the Descendant, and Gemini on the MC “These are my ‘drivers’. They can be likened to the motor and transmission of a motorcar without which it has no use.” This is spoken like an Aries, but it is true of all charts. The angles are ‘hinges’ according to the source meaning of the Latin word using a mechanical image for the zero points.

Tim Curry

Aries can also make the most dynamic-delicious entrance on screen ever- descending ominously in an old metal lift. Tim Curry who was born April 19th rips into the character of  Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). They way he utters ‘bite’ is pure Mars- a vicious delight. Pity the poor actors who had to follow him in that role as he possessed it totally. He has a highly energized trine of Mercury at 1° Aries, Mars at 28 ° in Cancer and the Moon at 1° Sagittarius which inspired to be physical, steamily-seductive with a large dollop of entertainment pizazz. And that Mars is square to the Sun adds the boldness and grabbing of attention for some very crunchy characters and villains he has played over the years. He has Venus in Taurus which adds velvety cadence to his voice – as Taurus rules the throat. He started as a boy soprano and then developed a range of expression so well used in voiceover roles as cartoon characters.

Vivienne Westwood

Arian Vivienne Westwood (April  8th, 1941) must have a special mention as she is the ultimate rebel goddess. She has a grand fire trine that links her Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo and Ascendant in Sagittarius which is a dragon-fire combination. Her Mars is in Aquarius which fights for causes, one of which is to stop shopping and be the anti-aquisitional type of consumer. Her co-opting of BDSM gear became emblematic of the ‘punk’ style, straps, studs buckles and pirates speaks the Venus in Aries adding spunkiness to the Mars. She once appeared on a talk show wearing a skin-coloured body stocking and a blood-red heart attached to her vagina.  Not many women are that daring.

Venus in Aries liberates women from conformism and Westwood had some startling original fashion statements to break the mold of femininity. As punks, girls were no longer chained to being pretty in pink – just in chains made of razor blades. She has asteroid Pallas Athene conjunct her Ascendant and asteroid Ceres in the first house.

She did also have the balls to call the media ‘morons’ on Live TV for not giving credence to her message about Earth’s resources. This aligns with her activist stance and support for preserving natural resources. She is truly eccentric yet also conservative – even though she received her OBE in no knickers- and appeared as Margaret Thatcher on a Tatler cover-she is still a Dame. She celebrates traditional styles and Britishness. The Venus in Aries is conjunct the IC so she loves to be gracious and comfortable as a cosy old cardigan at home which is an eclectic jumble of bric-a-brac as you’d expect with a chaotic rose garden and where she reigns supreme.

Susan Boyle

If there is another living Aries contradiction it is singer Susan Boyle, April 1st, 1961. Boyle is both shy and bold in equal amounts, yet the child-like open quality evokes pathos and massive popular support. Yet she is a troubled spirit. She has Venus square Saturn and Mars square the Moon. Her Chiron/South Node in Pisces is opposite Pluto/North Node in Virgo. This somehow gives voice to those who are normally the scapegoats and underdogs. She was catapulted into fame but wobbled openly in her mental stability. Her story offers cathartic release of that awkwardness and that can have a transformative triumphant effect on her fans.

And if need pioneer spirit try being a writer in the Science Fiction genre like Samuel R. Delaney, born April 1st. He is both Sun and Ascendant in Aries and happens to be black. Skin colour should not matter at all to being prominent in any genre, yet journalists bandied the label attached by people who cannot comprehend it. He is gay too which is equally irrelevant to the quality of his work as a writer. He has a beautiful imaginative Neptune opposite Mercury which is great for a writer; and he has been a kind of pioneer spirit too, pushing the boundaries whichever way they will go. Chariklo is close to his Moon which is known to show up in the charts of Science Fiction writers.

Finally, there was founding father of the US constitution Thomas Jefferson (April 13th 1743) and who knew that he was a hemp grower, now that hemp is enjoying a massive resurgence. But the question of how much he supported emancipation is moot. Yet he was a leader and pioneer spirit.

Frontrunner Planets this Aries season 2021

Aries brings a surge of energy and rapid forward movement. Venus enters Aries on March 21st so it is the signature tune of the Equinox and movement of the Sun into Cardinal Fire from Mutable Water. Venus in Aries is boisterous and tomboyish giving a fresh start to relationships, if not more predatory then at very least assertive. Look for which house Aries is in your chart to see which area of life it will specifically affect – this might be more love for getting something done for yourself, being more assertive in that loving number one energy this month.

Definition of Autonomy

Is it not easy to guess by now that it was Peter Shelley, an Aries (April 17th), who wrote a song called ‘Autonomy’ performed by the Buzzcocks? It would be good to consider this word Autonomy in its full meaning in terms of how you relate to your self, your life and to others. Best get in the driver’s seat to decide what you wish to do, and then go in that direction. How much self determination do you really have both in personal and public life? Are we doing full justice to that impulse? Call on your Mars energy to give those thoughts a ramrod start. Mars in Gemini is conjunct North Node on March 29th and that connects in a square with Mercury in Pisces brining a spiritual twist to the craving for gathering new information to justify your new goals.

On March 28th there is a full moon in Libra at 8 degrees. Libra is the pivotal opposite of Aries so asks us to address how we relate with others and that’s not always first in mind in Aries season. This is a triple whammy of Sun, Chiron and Venus cazimi. Some healing may still be needed in our self esteem and that may need lots of inner processing and could relate to legal matters, a search for justice.  Then we move into the sign of the bull ruled by Venus. Taurus begins April 20th and that could bring a lull before the eclipses in June bring back the turbulence. But at least it will be more more stabilizing temporarily. Take advantage of the forward movement in Aries while the ram is in full spring.

Anti-Oedipus, Desire and Value: Venus or Mars?

Diana Ross
Diana Ross

When I looked a how sun signs reveal their zodiac it was the words that jumped out: what tickled me was that the word ‘me’ or ‘myself’ was an Aries thing. Diana Ross, born March 26th is an Aries and besides saying that you have to work hard at being a diva and she certainly did that, she said “I can be a better me than anyone can.”  Emphasis on the me. Other divas-in-training who have made their mark are Mariah Carey  (March 27th ) and Lady Gaga (March 28th ) – both Aries.

I also found that guns, pistols cropped up with Aries. Marvin Gaye, an Aries, born April 2nd, was shot by the same gun he gave to his father who was a cross dresser. So a father shot his son dead.  All this I noted was like the Oedipal myth, only in reverse, with a gender twist; but there are still people who don’t ‘get’ this myth thing, while all the time myths comes alive in everyday lives- just take a look around. This shocking event was in other words Anti-Oedipal. Where had I heard that concept before I wondered?

Felix Guattari

There is a book with that name and it came as no surprise to find that the person who wrote Anti-Oedipus was French philosopher-psychoanalyst Félix Guattari, born March 23rd . He has who has the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, which multiplies the Arian, but he also had Mercury and Uranus in this cluster. These are all square to Saturn – which matches the story of the son opposed to the father or the ‘authority’ in Guattari’s case it was Freud’s psychoanalysis. Yes, there are conflicting birth dates with some sites saying it was April 30th, but I am going with and a biography by Francois Sousse which specifically states it was the third month as she matches it with trois- 3 brothers.

Along with his co-author Giles Deleuze (Capricorn, Mars in Aries) his thinking is not easy to summarize but I will try: He thought the family archetype – the Oedipus complex -so beloved of Freud is not the whole of the terrain and that the wisdom of the patient’s response to the world is often overlooked by blindsided analysts. The patient has a genius for getting around the problem the world presents as opposed to the categorizing colonizing mode of the analyst. Therein rests an innate creativity, something R.D. Laing (Libra, but Aries Rising) and Krishnamurti also implied  that it is no measure of success to be well adjusted to a schizoid world.

Desire is free to roam wherever it will and you can be a nomad in the world of knowledge, not accepting the boundaries and labels that are from Identity Politics or laid out for you by ideologies funded from you don’t know where. These boxes people put themselves in become prisons that eventually box you in and then the capitalist machinery starts to target and sell you stuff i.e. you become just another a commodity slave. Artists and designers do this instinctively but academics and activists have a tendency to become inflexible. So Guattari and Deleuze were for ‘De-territorialisation ‘ and they used the Rhizome (plant stems shooting in different directions) as overarching metaphor pointing to non-linear and non-hierarchical modes of thinking. Following random links creates fusion styles and experimental ways of staying ahead of the game like a true Aries.

Are we pushing outside the conventional mental boundaries yet? This is the world of Aries. It occurs to me that Guattari has resurfaced now for a reason- because what is happening now obliges us to be divergent thinkers. We might need to be more strategic than ever to survive in 2021.

The Rape of Africa
The Rape of Africa (Venus and Mars) David La Chapelle

Mars the ruler of Aries is primed to act at his best in Capricorn so their collaboration was a powerful combo of Aries, where the sun is also supreme, and Capricorn. In astrological language what Guattari and Deleuze talked about was desire and value which can be both Mars and Venus collapsed together. Mars is war but also Eros – the desire or will to live and love is a conquest and Venus is associated with Love and starting Wars. It’s a blending and reversal of the traditional characteristics. In the LaChapelle image it is Mars who is supine and post-coital. Deleuze’s Mars is conjunct Guattari’s Venus in Aries and that gave their union massive intellectual traction – a love duel of ideas- a marriage of two intellects-and they worked together successfully on lecture series and books for several years.

If anything, this contemplation of Aries characters can teach us is to be bold and to be the leader of your own life, to develop full mastery without hesitation, as if you yourself do not take the lead, sure enough, someone else, with motives not aligned to your own, will come take hold of the steering wheel rendering you a mere passenger in your own life.  

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