Jackie and Aristotle Onassis: the Juno and Jupiter of Greece

Jackie O Chart

It is always satisfying to tidy up a mystery – that of why Jackie Onassis became so associated with Greece and is so revered by its people, though she was mistrusted at first. She was not born there, nor was she royalty,  and she did not even stay there that long preferring to stay in Manhattan, yet she had the aura of having stepped straight off Mount Olympus playing the Juno/Hera archetype to Aristotle Onassis’ Jupiter/Zeus. Sure enough, asteroid Juno goddess of partnerships is at 13° Scorpio is conjunct her Ascendant so there is a queen-like energy here that the Greek people acknowledged.

Jackie O Mykonos Old Port
Jackie with Pedros the Pelican, Mykonos

Fate and fortune appeared to have blessed her life in equal measures with her first husband’s assassination and her second husband’s wealth conferred tragedy as well as financial security.  This was mainly because in 1968 she married Aristotle Onassis – the Zeus/Jupiter to her Hera/Juno. This link to Greece is a curiosity worth doing some astrological digging.  I wondered what was a Bouvier doing paddling in Aegean waters and lying naked on Skorpios island in Ionian seas? It especially applies to the beautiful Cycladean island of Mykonos where there is a gay bar and luxury beach club with the name Jackie O  and not even Judy Garland can claim such an honour. Jackie Kennedy Onassis helped to make that island fashionable and even played a role in replacing its mascot Pedros (Peter) the Pelican that wanders around the Old Port. The pelican as a totem animal is about grace, pleasure and offering benevolence. Both asteroids and astro-location might have a few pointers to establish Jackie’s Greek credentials besides marrying one of Greece’s wealthiest shipping magnates.

Jackie O Chart
Jackie Onassis chart (astrotheme.com)

But first Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s natal chart has a Leo Sun loving the limelight. She turned the white house into an open stage, and although wary of the press and distrustful of journalists, she was certainly in the full glare of publicity most of her life. But she could snap taut: when asked what she fed her German Shepherd dogs she said ‘reporters.’  This earned her a reputation of being snarky and she avoided interviews. Leos can be prickly, if not treated with whole-hearted respect; Leo-with Scorpio rising amplified that, both are in fixed signs so not easy to change, as it was a paradoxical combo: both showy and secretive. She also had her feminine Moon in the masculine sign of Aries which can tend to be over-assertive to compensate.  For a more detailed analysis of her chart from the perspective of Hellenistic astrology see Demetra George’s book Ancient  Astrology: a Manual of Traditional Techniques: Vol 1.pp 547-559.

Jackie Onassis in Greece

But this clear Juno signature is right on her Ascendant at 13° Scorpio, with Hera at 4°  Scorpio to underscore the archetypal pattern. Hera is the Greek equivalent and earlier source for Juno. Asteroid Hera is at 4 ° Scorpio while almost 10° away, Hera is close enough to make that a double layer of how Jackie O was to be visibly recognized (Ascendant) able to handle compatibility with difficult partners, perhaps even being difficult herself. Interestingly at this very same point is asteroid Kalliope – the leading muse. Also, there is asteroid Penelope – the wife of Ulysses from the Homer’s epic The Odyssey who travelled the seas for years while she waited for him representing the homeland, faith and perseverance. Asteroid Penelope is 3° of Leo conjunct Jackie O’s Sun. But Scorpio rising with Juno close to the Ascendant- this somehow does not surprise as the main story about her was her relationships and with the South Node being there too, this being in a relationship mode was her default and most natural defence against the world. The association with Juno, the goddess of marriage and faithful relationships is one aspect, but her symbol was the peacock which is about display and show and fashion. Venus was not the only one in this arena. Jackie was the clothes horse on display for her style choices but this made her was a leading fashion influencer, widely copied.

Jackie O in Mykonos
Jackie O in Mykonos

For Greeks then she was both charming first lady of the US who loved Greece and then the ‘black widow’ of John F. Kennedy as she became for the American public, who  went on to reject  her when she married a foreigner. Yet, foreigner or not,  the people of Mykonos took to her immediately as she first visited in 1961 and declared this island the best ever holiday she’d had. But once she had married Onassis he helped cement the island’s reputation as a magnet for the rich, famous and/or gay by building the island’s airport. Besides owning the seas, Onassis was unique in also owning the country’s national airline, Olympic Airways.

Jackie and Ari Onassis in Greece
Jackie and Ari Onassis

Juno was the one who stood behind the throne often running the show the background,  first lady style. She could judge nuances of style establishing the etiquette, comportment and multi-lingual conversation, and employing gay designers in her inner circle. As well as Onassis, John F. Kennedy also occupied the role of a kind of Zeus putting Jackie in the role of consort, Hera in the USA. People might have expected that she had everything- wanted for nothing. She was feted, and widely emulated in style, but allegedly unhappy with the arrangement though never revealing that doubt. JFK was apparently a sex-aholic. So there was rivalry from the first lady to all her husband’s conquests just as it was on Mount Olympus looking at it archetypally.

Juno had a dark side as she ruled over jealousy, divorces and disintegration of relationships. This puts Marilyn Monroe in the role not of Venus who had power in her own right,  but of all the women John Kennedy  had affairs with-the ‘mistresses’ -including several White House interns. The parallels would be Europa, Leda, Io, Ganymede and Semele with whom Zeus engaged in all his sexual dalliances. Zeus (Jupiter) was repeatedly unfaithful to Hera (Juno) who struggled to maintain her position.

Jackie Kennedy allegedly once said to Marilyn Monroe on the phone that she could have it all if she wished – JFK, the white house- including the problems. Perhaps this is why she was so admired even when she fell into the role of ‘black widow’ as even though depressed she showed great wit and fortitude. The asteroid patterning does not end here however: asteroid Zeus and Part of Fortune is conjunct Jackie Kennedy’s Sun at 7° of Leo in the 9th House of long-distance travel. Could Onassis have been this Zeus figure for her, acting like a saviour? And then there are the lovers entwined….

Eros and Psyche

The Eros and Psyche connection is fascinating. The placement of these two asteroids can indicate an explosive and transformational kind of love experience that turns into hard life lessons – see the full story in my previous post. Jackie Kennedy’s asteroid Eros is opposed to Onassis’ Eros. So we can only speculate what kind of nuclear fusion that ignited. Onassis was not handsome; he was short, had shed loads of money and could charm women through flattery. He usually got what he wanted. Her Eros is at 21° Virgo opposite his Eros at 19° Pisces, which is also his Ascendant. This would certainly have had a direct impact as previously he treated non-Greek women as mistresses but  he never married them. This time he had bagged the most famous woman in the world. and married but the press suggested it was not for love but one for status and respectability and the other for money- both Capricornian themes.

Jackie O had Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius which may also point to this trait- Ari was 23 years her senior and she once said JFK acted like her father, in a patrician manner she was used to. But Onassis ( source: McIvers) was born with a Capricorn sun and has Venus at 23° Capricorn making public status hugely important in matters of love.

National chart of Greece
National chart of Greece (astrologyweekly)

Just while we are on this point, the mundane chart of Greece as a nation is also Capricorn- it is January 13th, 1822- and this chart aligns astonishingly well with the most commonly used birth time for Onassis’ chart. (an alternative is 21/9/1900). If the Capricorn chart is used, His Venus, Mercury and Sun are all conjunct the Greek chart and more specifically his MC/Uranus conjuncts the nation’s Uranus/Neptune conjunction (4-3°Capricorn) – Uranus can represent the airline company and Neptune represents the shipping magnate. Clearly supported by the astrology, that fuses Onassis as icon of in the public eye entwined with the destiny of the nation and Jackie was along for the ride. Back to asteroid Psyche, it is about the soul and Jackie’s Psyche is conjunct Onassis’s Chiron, so perhaps she was one of the few women to teach him a painful lesson his ego did not like to take? She was the sophisticated college educated socialite- his polar opposite. He began to complain that she spent too much money and even leaked her clothes shopping list so the public could know how much she overspent. But, perhaps she had been traumatized by her connection to the Kennedys and Onassis’s money offered security away from prying eyes and the paparazzi. When he died in 1975 she spoke diplomatically but carefully of him saying she was ‘eternally grateful.’

Maria Callas

Jackie and Maria novel
‘Jackie and Maria’ by Gill Paul (2020)

Then there was Callas too – an interlude for Aristotle between Tina, his first wife, and Jackie. This affair with Maria Callas was a whole other story deserving full attention in its own right since there are two possible birth charts for Callas. Just to say here that Callas was already married when she met Onassis, and she was treated as a woman perhaps for the first time. But in a tiff Callas walked out on him. But he never came back and married Jackie Kennedy instead delivering a shock to Callas and to the world. The press called it the marriage of ‘beauty and the beast’ – echoing the strange dynamic of the Psyche and Eros story. It was the stuff of high drama played out on the world stage as Callas was already at the tail end of her singing career and her deterioration was rapid after this rejection. Both Callas (Dec 3rd chart) and Jackie O had Pluto in the Eighth house, just 7° apart but Pluto aligns to the Vertex which can have an eclipse-like effect in both their charts. Callas’s Moon is conjunct asteroid Juno. They were two fire signs with Scorpio rising-  not to be messed with- a rivalry celebrated in a novel called Jackie and Maria.

Personal Name Asteroids

Personal Name Asteroids (PNAs) are always worth a look to add yet another layer of meaning. Onassis’ middle name was Socrates. Asteroid Sokrates is at 25° Libra opposite his Moon in Aries.  Asteroid Aristoteles is at 29 °of Pisces right on his Ascendant: he was after all a great shipping magnate, designing some of largest tankers on the seas and doing oil deals with the King of Saudi Arabia. He was the type of ambitious Capricorn who played hardball in business saying ‘the only rule is that there are no rules’ – and this final degree of Pisces is end point of the end point of the entire zodiac, making it phenomenally powerful and mysterious in its fated completion of all the preceding energy. The position of asteroid Aristoteles in Jackie O’s chart is at 26° Libra which is opposite her Moon at 25° Aries and lands in Aristotle’s 7th house, so perhaps another point of tension that triggered her moods there? It conjuncts his asteroid Polyhymnia adding a sacred feel.

Astro Locational Astrology

Jackie O Astro Map
Jackie O Astro Map

Finally, the astro-location map has some further interesting indicators as to why Jackie loved Greece so much.  To read more about what Locational astrology is see my article which gives a short introduction. Geographical astrology can be useful to show what potentials there are in a given place if you change the chart to that location and/or see where the angular, rising and culminating lines land across the terrain. Where lines intersect is particularly of interest. Jackie Onassis’s location chart shows the Jupiter I.C. line running through the Cyclades Crete and Athens.

While it is 197 km wide of Mykonos itself, a reading for Jupiter in this area would be it is a place where the native receives accolades and blessings, or run to great excess but if it aligns with the I.C. it is a place where you feel at home, where the security, comfort, the food all serve to make you feel comfortable and loved. Mykonos itself nestles between this line running through the islands of Milos and Crete and her Neptune line runs directly through the island of Rhodes which is closer to Turkey. She was married to Aristotle Onassis 20th October 1968 on the island of Skorpios to the left of the Neptune line.

Aristotle Onassis astro map
Aristotle Onassis astro-map (solar fire.com)

Aristotle Onassis’ astro-map shows Mars on the Ascendant running through Athens and Pluto running close to Skorpios island where his son Alexander is buried. This island has now been sold to a Russian billionaire but still has the remains of Aristotle Onassis alongside his son. Interesting that it is Mars and not Neptune here as it might show that he poured all his passion, energy and was so driven to succeed this area, It was the scene of most of the action in his life. This blending of the asteroid patterns and the location pictures can bring their stories into sharper focus as the alignments appear to corroborate the symbolism in a cool way, establishing Jackie and Aristotle as Juno and Jupiter archetypes and bringing the ancient mythology alive in a way that will ensure they are not likely to be forgotten.  Greece has a way of bringing things into sharp contrast – according to John Fowles, author of The Magus set on the island of Spetses,  it is a ‘mirror’ in which you learn to be starkly alone- in the case of Jackie and Ari- ‘alone together’.  

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