Muse Asteroid Report Preview: David Bowie

Bowie Muse Chart

Muse Asteroid Report  Sample Muse Asteroid Report for David Bowie The contents of  every standard report will contain a section on the background, history and mythological significance of the muses and a short intro to how muse asteroids are used in astrology. In this sample, it will skip straight to the chart of singer and performer David Bowie just to show what a sample of his muse asteroids might contain.

  1. Who Are the Muses
  2. Mythology
  3. Asteroid History
  4. Creative Signatures in the Chart
  5. Your Muse Asteroid Placements: Calliope, Klio, Euterpe, Erato, Melpomene, Thalia, Terpsichore, Polyhymnia,  and Urania
  6. Final Comments.

Please check my original blog post on Bowie and some of Bowie’s Muses here Also a general introduction to Muses and Muse Asteroids here

Bowie Muse Chart
Bowie Muse Chart using Solar Fire.

General placements in Bowie’s chart can be found on the net, so this is not a full analysis. The focus is on the significance of the asteroid placements.  However, he was a sun in Capricorn, Moon in Leo and Ascendant in Aquarius. In Bowie’s chart there is a Mercury/Mars/Sun cluster in Capricorn, Venus is in adventurous Sagittarius, Jupiter is in psychologically deep Scorpio and Neptune in balanced Libra.  So a quick typical interpretation might be that the native might be a trend setter and progressive with the Aquarian Ascendant, but also very down to earth with a stellium in Capricorn, very driven to succeed, and capable of rising high by putting in an enormous amount of hard work in to achieving that. The creativity signature would be the Moon with Saturn and Pluto all in Leo adding discipline and depth to his efforts possibly as a performer and entertainer.

This is all in the seventh so it would be given to others for their pleasure and allow for recognition and popularity even though his stage persona was full of changes and challenges. There are even indications of being a leading cultural figure and creative force for decades based on the signatures for a rock star from the system of Harmonics  (Cochrane, 2016) and this is relevant not just for where the muses are in his chart, but for deeper integration of mathematical points in the chart based on Harmonics. Rock stars are the modern-day avatars of the cult worship of Dionysus and the Eleusinian mysteries as in Chris Knowles’ book ‘The Secret History of Rock n Roll’. Also, mythological figures such as Orpheus, Dionysus  and Icarus can echo in the life of Bowie himself joked about being a ‘rock-god’ to comedian Ricky Gervais and Auden’s poem ‘Icarus’ was used in ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’.

The Fall of Icarus
‘The Fall of Icarus’ attrib. Breughel the elder

Cochrane  studied the charts of rock stars in detail and offers a formula for defining who would be a rock star using minor aspects and the comprehensive study of Harmonics. The formula is revealing and fits the charts of Jim Morrison, Hendrix, Lennon as well as Bowie. He has Venus and Uranus in the eleventh harmonic which might seem minor but fits the research model.  Fun and creativity shows up in the Fifth Harmonics. He developed ‘proficiency’ as a song writer which is indicated by these vibrational signatures. Aspects are angles – 60, 90,  120, 180 degrees etc. Harmonics are the more unusual aspects Quintiles (72 °), and biquintiles (144 °) along with sevenths and Elevenths. Cochrane even looks at 55ths.  Most astrologers do not look further than the standard angles or even at asteroids of any kind.

Cochrane Video Harmonics show talents, but alignments to the harmonic fifths indicate that the native has potential to be a rock star. Cochrane said it was ‘mind boggling.’ It gave him chills when he discovered Bowie’s Venus/Uranus is spot on the Fifth Harmonic, with Pluto trine to both of them. The angles created by fifths are finer and would otherwise be totally dismissed, yet chart after chart proves the link to this lesser known architecture of stars who become icons for whole generations and have an intensely personal impact on people’s lives.

Frieze of the Nine Muses
frieze of the nine muses

Here are a few comments on Bowie’s muse asteroid placements.

Calliope (Epic) Calliope is positioned at 3 of Taurus.  This is in the 2nd House so with Taurus in the second this is doubly ruled by Venus. Venus is queen of art, artifice, personal adornment and theatrical performance. This would suggest that the native’s main inspiration is simple and true, and that they are inspired by items of great quality and that this urge either to create or to collect art has persistence and longevity. * Calliope was at 3° degrees of Virgo when Heroes was released on the 14th Oct 1977.  Calliope was conjunct Polyhymnia that day and some might say it lent a quasi-religious feel to the song. * Bowie was actually an art collector and a painter himself inspired by everything. Heroes may not have been designed to become an anthem, but its epic quality is well-recognised everywhere and the song is trotted out on occasions where the heroic stance of resilience is needed. Calliope is also trine to asteroid Terpsichore suggesting an easy flow of inspiration the the right movement to create meaning.* (See Terpsichore) *Bowie’s physical movements were notable and inspired. His use of his body as a performing instrument was what made him a watchable performer. The integration of theatre into rock music gigs started with David Bowie. It was taken up by the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna.  How he used his body using mime techniques meant his physical presence was noticed.

Klio (History) Asteroid Klio is at 26 degrees of Leo in the 7th house so it is ruled by the Sun which lends itself to the construction of heroic narrative. This placement for anyone might suggest a collector of historical items , a keeper of thing in order to reconstruct their history. * *As a collector of ‘things’ Bowie kept all his paraphernalia, notes, books, drawings, records and stage costumes. Klio rules the memory and history, so the historical reassembly of all these items became the core resources for a breakthrough audio-visual type of exhibition Bowie Is at the V&A in 2013 which of course happened in a Museum – home of the muses.

Euterpe (Music) Asteroid Euterpe is at 16 °of Pisces. This is in the 1st House and is ruled by Neptune, but Pisces is intercepted so the overall ruler of the chart and the first house is still Uranus. * *One would think that Bowie and musical Euterpe would be strongly linked – but there are no major aspects to the sun or moon. However, it resides in Pisces whose flavour is spiritual and poetic. Euterpe has ‘flat mates’ as it is there in co presence with Orpheus, Klio and Polyhymnia. It would confer on the native an inspirational feel of a poet interested in mood, texture, atmosphere, and context.

Erato (Love) Asteroid Erato is at 6° of Sagittarius in the Tenth House.  Erato is significant because it is just 4° away from Venus at 2 °of Sag and 3 from the South Node all of which conjunct the native’s MC at 3 ° Sagittarius. Erato in this position might associate the native with sex and sexuality or that would be prominent in their expression or their career and that might be their default mode to exude a certain sexual allure. * *To say he was associated with a sexual and erotic is an understatement. His Ziggy period especially his lyrics are laden with sexual references both direct and implied.  ‘Soul Love’ is a good example but he was also capable of delivering tragic love songs that were full of emotional longing and sincere feeling such as ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ and ‘Wild is the Wind’. He inspired adoration and love in his fans bordering on sexual fantasy.  Erato is also linked to the art of mime and Bowie trained in mime physical techniques of expression with Lindsay Kemp. He used mime and gesture in his performances to add drama narrative to the song lyrics something which no other rock star had done and that added to his public reputation for rock theatrics.

Melpomene (Tragedy) Asteroid Melpomene is at 1° of Pisces and this sign is intercepted in the 1st House which is ruled by Uranus or more traditionally Saturn. This might suggest the native would have a tragic view of life or a severe looking physical appearance such as actors might cultivate to convey feelings and character. * Melpomene is conjunct Orpheus and co-present in the first house with Klio and Polyhymnia. It is square to Venus at 2° of Sagittarius. *Bowie had a brother who was in a mental health asylum and wrote lyrics exploring the edges of madness and Melpomene is associated with psychotherapists. He was lauded for his performance of the tragic figure of the John Merrick, the Elephant man using mime to suggest the deformed spine and head. For this performance he won great praise.  

Polyhymnia (Sacred) Asteroid in Polyhymnia is at 27° of Pisces in the first house so ruled by Neptune ( traditionally Jupiter). It is co-present in that house along with Klio, Melpomene and Orpheus.

Urania (Astronomy and Astrology) Urania is placed at 18 ° of Leo in the 7th house, ruled by the Sun. It is almost six degrees away from Pluto in Leo. Some would say this orb is too great to be of significance, but it being in Leo would lend it a dramatic twist that might be expressed in the native’s creations.* *Urania might be linked to the alien science fiction characters that the native created Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack and the Alien in Loving the Alien. It might also suggest a futuristic kind of inspiration, inspired by numerous Science/Speculation Fiction novels and Bowie was an avid reader of this genre and books in general. He attempted to put Orwell’s dystopian vision 1984 into a stage musical but failed to get the rights to do so. Just as a side note, Chariklo has been associated with Science Fiction writers and many of them have a prominent Chariklo. Chariklo was the wife of Centaur Chiron and represents the holding of space and compassion for others, abiding with people enduring the most difficult complex emotions, almost beyond embodiment in what Tibetan Buddhists call ‘the clear light’. Most likely this would supercharge an interest in space travel, astronomy or astrology and being a compassionate healer of souls.  Where is Bowie’s Chariklo?  It is at 21 ° of Scorpio conjunct Jupiter. She also shares the same sign as her husband Chiron which is at 6 of Scorpio.

Terpsichore (Dance) Asteroid Terpsichore is at 11 ° of Aries.  Aries is ruled by Mars which is the energy of the physical.* *Bowie was known for his dance moves and his physical presence and combined use of music with movement. He used his body as a tool of expression very much as a dancer would. He learned dance with did a duet with Mick Jagger in Dancing in the Street which saw them dancing throughout. A more serious collaboration was with Louise LeCavalier of dance troupe La La Steps in 1988 for whom intense physicality and dynamic moves was part of their work. One of his biggest selling singles was ‘Let’s Dance’ with the words “put on your red shoes and dance with me.. Red is a Martian colour.

Thalia (Comedy) The first most striking placement is that of Thalia, the muse of comedy, at 13 ° Cancer, which is opposite to Bowie’s Sun/Mars in Capricorn in the 12th house. * *At first glance, this is not what would be expected, and would be more likely to show up in the life of a stand-up comic, but it does emphasise the line ‘Comedian’ in the ‘comedian, Corinthian, chameleon, and caricature’ in ‘The Bewaley Brothers’.  Bowie in his ordinary bloke mode was known to be hilariously funny, sharing jokes in emails to Brian Eno, and the element of music hall comedy is evident in the first album on the track he could barely ever put back in the closet The Laughing Gnome (1967). The jokes were lame, straight out of a cracker, and his voice a copy of Anthony Newley’s style e.g. “Writing comedy prose for radio shows: it’s a Gnome Service of course.” His sketches with Ricky Gervais highlight his comic timing, but Bowie’s acting roles tended not to emphasise this comedic side, dazzled more by his alien and dramatic personas. He once quipped “One would expect that the marriage of a rock star to a supermodel would be one of the greatest things in the world.  It is.”  It is not obvious humour- a bit dry and hidden – but is very Capricornian -a very 12th house theme as the sign of Capricorn is in the 12th.  

Personal Name Asteroid: David Bowie

Bowie as Sphnix
Bowie as Sphinx

The focus of this sample is just to outline a few insights into the impact of the nine art muse asteroids on Bowie’s life and career. It is retrospectively achieved through knowledge of his life. Inspiration apparently came easily to Bowie, so he must have been well tuned to the messages of these muses. But for those who want more, and I am among them, they’ll know that there is a Personal Name Asteroid (PNA) called David Bowie. So where is that? It’s at 17 ° of Scorpio just 4 ° away from his Jupiter.  In the chart of his first wife Angie Bowie, a Libra, this asteroid is conjunct Terpsichore and Aphrodite, but the asteroid DavidBowie is at 11° Cancer. For Iman, a Leo, David Bowie, the asteroid, is at 10 ° Virgo conjunct Bowie’s Vertex at 7°  Virgo. A good introduction to the meaning and significance of asteroids in a birth chart can also be found on Kim Falconer’s site among other sites that deal with asteroids.

Muse asteroids are among the great understudied curiosities of the universe, and I’m sure Bowie would be be interested to know about his asteroid muse placements, being the artist he was. This report goes some way to redressing that imbalance. I bore in mind that the orb of an asteroid needs to be close. The conjunction is most important within 3 degrees. Sextiles and trines are not as potent as conjunctions and oppositions, but it depends on what kind of story the muses tell of the native, and this wold be related to overall themes inherent in the chart. Sometimes the signatures are wide of the mark and vague and that’s fine, there are plenty of others ways to examine and interpret any chart as in Cochrane’s Harmonics and vibrational astrology.

For a personal muse asteroid report on your life, it would focus on the degrees, aspects, signs and houses in which they fall to suggest areas where your creativity might flourish and be more forward looking – seen as an adjunct to a deeper reading of the natal chart. Muse asteroid reports however, still offer a fascinating insight into any natives creative signatures from the viewpoint of the asteroid muse placements.  

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